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Small part from Mondays Daily Flashnews for all major market..offer is ending on Monday...


Mondays Daily Flash news (Unedited report)

Era of Spirituality and awakening experience will start, and it will play major role in success of trading market…offer is ending on Monday


Dear Members,


Firstly, we would like to say that we are ending this current offer on the book and to extend your services at noon on Monday.


Many will be wondering about the heading that I put for today’s letter “Rise in Spirituality and Spiritual people”, and this is simply because Jupiter will be transiting through Sagittarius. Sometimes it is more fun to enjoy being with yourself without any noise from the world and the market. Being with our ‘Self’ can make us rise to limitless heights in all the areas; but we have to remember that, that opportunity is not there forever, as we have a limited amount time left in your life, maybe 30 years, three months, or even tomorrow. This is important to keep in the back of your mind every single day as we all have to depart from this planet some day without choice, so we should keep doing things that can make us and the people close to us happy. We must keep helping the needy to bring changes in their lives.


Meditation and being spiritual is very simple, but it is also very difficult because we have to rise in our thinking; and we have to tune our heart, soul, and mind in a very specific direction; and once you do that you will be surprised that nature will take care of you very well.


I have done a lot trading in my life and achieved 13228% return in the shortest period of time in 2005 (less than five months, here is link with all trades; and after that I have been waiting to trade actively in the market, but it is important that I should always remember to do what nature choose me to do. I respect Jupiter as it is a treasure of wealth, it provides us great wisdom, humbleness, and purity. It brings your mind, soul, and heart together and I am sure many of you will have a great experience during this period.   


Let’s come back to Jupiter, it is the most powerful planet and plays a key role in everyone’s life. If we understand Jupiter correctly, then it can provide us right path, which could lead us in the right direction. Jupiter is a great planet to give us knowledge and wisdom, and at the same time it is a planet that creates the opportunity for great business ventures and wealth, so how we can we activate Jupiter so that it can provide us with the right direction because if we don’t do its correctly then it can lead us in the wrong direction. 


How to active positive Jupiter. Here are a few rules to bring Jupiter on your side:


  • Remain truthful without lying.
  • Meditate every day and do some charity.
  • Remain faithful to your life and wife.
  • Before doing any wrong must remember that nature is watching you.
  • Believe that someone is above us, they are taking care of us, and that we are just instruments here.
  • Respect your elders and mentors.
  • Keep your account clean and if you have extra money then clear your debts immediately if you have any.


These are the core principles to activate a positive Jupiter; and the current Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius for the next twenty-six days before turning back to Scorpio due to the retro move. Finally, on the night of the 4th of November 2019 Jupiter will move into Sagittarius which is its own house and it will play most powerful role for world financial markets.


For the financial market; Jupiter has been playing a supportive role for the equity market ever since it changed its house. I am very surprised to see Jupiter was not able to help precious metals, but that was because of the South-Node and Saturn being in Sagittarius.


Last week we got sad news about my friend and one of the oldest personal clients (since 2002) Mr. Nanik Daryanani from Spain has departed this planet. He was great follower, lover and admire of my work, I still remember that in 2004 he took flight from Spain to hear my talk in Dallas when Bill Murphy kept gathering for me give talk on gold and silver. In 2003 he told me that Mahendra you are most unique person with God has provided unique ability to see future, your prediction of gold going $1800 and silver going $50 will come true.


He was supposed to come India for my Son’s wedding, but he called in first week of March and said that he is not feeling well so he has to cancel travel plan. Our prayers are with his family and God blesses his soul.


Offer is ending on Monday


Offer is not valid on: This offer is not valid on personal clients and corporate clients, as I am not taking any new personal client in 2019 so please don’t subscribe.


Our offer is: Subscribe any services and we will add 25% extra time in your subscriptions. If you subscribe one-year letter then we will three months extra in your services so total you will get 15 months services. 


Offer on book: We are reducing book “2019 Financial Predictions” price from $399 to $299 for complete book as three months are over now from book predictions. Also reducing 20% prices on individual sections of book.


Current members can extend their services if they like to, and new member can subscribe under this offer as this will expire soon.


New prices for “2019 Financial Predictions” effects from Thursday evening:


Complete book “2019 Financial Predictions”: Reducing from $399.00 to $299.00


2019 Indexes Predictions: from $255 to $199


2019 Currencies Predictions: from $255 to $199


2019 Metal Predictions: From $255 to $199


2019 Indian Market, energy & metals Predictions: from $255 to $199


2019 softs (coffee, cotton, cocoa, sugar, orange juice, lumber) Predictions: from $175 to $125


2019 Grains (corn, soy, soy meal, wheat and soy oil) Predictions: from $175 to $125


2019 Energy Predictions: from $195 to $155


I still believe that every penny you spend on this book is worth so don’t miss it as I really cut down prices so everyone can have this unique book and have glimpse of 2019 of each area of financial market. Don’t forget: if you make money then please share some with most needy people around you. 


Watch the important  astro support & resistance levels updated on Monday, the 1st April 2019:





Here are the trading strategies and ranges for Monday:  


Last week metals traded negative


Last week the equity market trend was proven best as stocks and Indexes moved higher. Emerging markets, European markets and USA markets moved higher as predicted. .



On Friday Thirty Year bond traded mixed to a bit negative. On Monday….



Finally, Friday ended, as it was the…



Just like softs, grains



On Friday oil tested our predicted higher side level of $60.68 level as predicted and now….

Overall, in the last three years, this is what we stated: So far, short-term trading has provided great returns in the last 18 months after my selling recommendation at $97.00 mid-2014. You must remember what we mentioned two weeks ago. In 2001, we recommended buying oil at $16.78 with a target of $100 and higher. In August 2008, we recommended selling at $145 with the target of $32.00. Once again in 2014 we recommended selling oil at $100 with target of $27.71. I couldn’t ask more from nature.




On Friday most of currencies remained in the negative directions against USD. Australian dollar now…. 


Thanks & God Bless, Mahendra Sharma


31st March 2019, 3:00 PM, Santa Barbara