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Indian market achieved 11275 as predicted and now 11511 to 11655 next target..

This is small part from today Daily Indian letter:

In the last three weeks Indian market moved sharply higher. It tested 10661 level then one side rally took place. Nifty almost gained 800 points from lower side level. Rupee also moved higher, dollar lost value from 71.55 to 68.88 level as predicted in the last two and half weeks. 

In the third week of February and on 4th March we predicted that Nifty would achieve 11275 by the third week of March that proven very accurate.

On 4st March we stated:                                                                                            4th March 2019

Mondays Daily Flash news (Unedited report)

By 23rd March Nifty will achieve 11255 level…


Dear Members,


On Monday we are recommending Thursday Indian market traded negative due to expiry and ongoing tensions with Pakistan as traders were worried that this may not end soon.

Releasing Capture Pilot from Pakistan will really help the situations. On other hand Nifty is holding 10775 level which means that Market is ready for five hundred points rally if market closes positive today.

On other hand North Node is changing house next week Wednesday which could play magical role.

Great buying time have come, but just invest in Indexes, and power stocks. Pharma will do well with FMCG. Banks will also start performing well.

I strongly recommend Indian Investors to start buying up strong buying, buy some call options of March in Indexes and buy frontline stocks. Don’t short market at all, and now Nifty is ready to test 11255 level in the next three weeks so great time to make money.

Yes, 11275 level got achieved but now next level is 11511, and 11675, at this stage we are recommending closing all short term longs at 11511 level but don’t short market.

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