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After seven years I am predicting bullish trend trend and silver....Dollar and markets are also ready for big wave on either side...

Weekly Newsletter from 18-22 Feb  


Gold, dollar and S&P getting ready for new wave…



Dear Members,

Mars is finally coming forward to help metals after an eight-year gap. Metals predictions provided us with a great amount of popularity from 2001, as my view on gold was very bullish from up to 2011 and many big metals investors made fortune from our buying recommendations, also we pushed non gold lovers also to invest in gold, silver and metal stocks from 2001. Investors always made money by investing for the medium to longer term, I haven't seen any investors making money by day trading or short term trading and that's the reason our theory proven best in the wall-street because we always provides medium to longer term outlook with price target. In 2011 many metals investors got upset when I released the bear market prediction and recommended shorting gold at $1800 and silver at $50. At the same time, we recommended closing all longs in metal stocks. Yes, I lost many big-time gold lovers as members, as they didn’t want to hear anything negative about gold. Now metals traders have realized that it was good advice to remain on the sidelines.

Now from 2019 our view is once again turning a bit bullish for gold and silver, and we have also mentioned this in our book. I strongly recommend adding gold, silver, and platinum on weakness with a target of $1378 to $1525; and silver $16.75 to $19.77. If I am not mistaken that gold may test $1378, and silver $16.75 in the next three to four weeks. I will go into greater detail for metals in the weekly metal section below.

On the other hand, Oil could also follow metals and may move higher, but I don’t recommend any aggressive buying, just follow our weekly newsletter to trade oil, heating oil, and RB Gas.

Dollar is a key factor and if it trades negatively then we may see major weakness in Dollar. Dollars trend will be an interesting one, so read the currency section carefully as I would like move on to talking about the equity markets trend.

One must read the three paragraphs below closely, and the reason behind writing these three paragraphs is that many are asking, “Mahendra, you predicted that S&P would test 3200 10 years ago, and this is coming true as it tested a high of 2948 last year which we consider to be the top.”

Yes, many big investors plan longer term trade by following our predictions, so I need to provide a clear trend for the future because people pay a very high price for our services.

Let’s talk about a brief history. From 1997 onwards we started invested in Tech/Internet stocks and investors made fortune. In end of 1999 we predicted a crashed in tech stocks which happened. In 2003 once again we called a bottom in the market, but in 2007 we predicted a historic crash in the market in the coming time. We warned that a few banks will shut down and that this crisis will be worse than the one in 1929. We saw the worst period in end of 2007 and 2008. In 2009 on the 26th of February we predicted a bottoming out of the market on the 7th of March 2009, and this proved to be one of the best predictions because no one knew that what to do. Those who remained with our prediction made a fortune, and our services become one of the most popular ones among many big funds and institutions.

I enjoyed a great ride, but on the 23rd of June 2016, I was not able to predict a clear outcome of Brexit, and Trump’s victory also really damaged my reputation. For the first time I experienced heat in my astro career. I started reading my own chart and realized that I am not in a good astro cycle till the 6th of March 2019, so I avoided any major predictions in 2017/18. I have been waiting for this date for two years, and we are just 18 days away.

In the meantime, our short-term outlook on the markets and currencies did very well, but my specialty is providing investors with an accurate picture of the future and I am known for that because in the last 25 years we have provided amazing predictions on the market, currencies, and commodities with a price target and most of them have been fulfilled.

Most of you are aware that I openly apologize whenever I am wrong, and that is my strength because I need to accept my errors as I am a student of this subject, and errors are bound to happen whenever one is going through a negative astro cycle.

Currently S&P is trading around 2775, well around the most important level of 2738. Two months ago when the market was bleeding, S&P was at 2315 and it moved sharply higher from there. We predicted that S&P won’t go below 2315 and that proved very accurate. We provided a higher side target of 2738 which got fulfilled last week, and it closed well above this level on Friday.

Yes, there is no doubt that the market is ready to move higher, if it closes above this level for more than three Moon cycles which are around seven trading days. At this stage I see S&P going towards 2843, and there are chances that it may even test 3200, but let’s wait for seven days. We are not recommending any shorts. SPY and QQQ call options will be great bets. Buying S&P will be a great bet so lets wait for this week, and hold longs in the market.

I think this year book is worth reading to know glimpse of 2019, because astro wave is only one theory which can provide you medium to longer term market trend. Book cost is less than $1.00 if you buying individual sections so please buy if you which to rather than delaying.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra sharma