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Small part of today's stock investment report....2019 Financial predictions book is out...


Tuesday’s Stock Investment Report 


Most awaited 2019 Financial Predictions launched…I hope this book will help you in creating wealth…


Dear Members,

Last week the USA market moved sharply higher, but the rest of the global markets remained in a mixed direction. The USA market outperformed which is once again creating an imbalance in the financial system because once again money started flowing back into the US market.

I don’t know how many people bought aggressive positions in the market when S&P tested 2315, and the second time when we recommended buying back the market at 2441, which was also proved to be a great buying level. At this stage S&P is higher by almost 350 points from the first low of December. Has anyone recommended buying stocks? No, everyone was saying that the market is in a mess. Technicals are in a mess, and people had started providing a target of 1900 to 1550 for S&P. There was so much fear that investors didn’t have the guts to buy.

I had 100% trust in my theory, so I recommended buying stocks and Indexes without any fear at 2315, and we also recommended that we don’t see the market going below 2315. If you don’t believe me, then you must open the last week of December’s letter and read it carefully. I know, I must prove myself every time, and if I’m wrong then people don’t miss the opportunity of hitting me hard. I am used to all of this because my spiritual guru told me that, ‘Mahendra, you can’t satisfy everyone, a few of your predictions will be wrong, and there always be someone who invested incorrectly because of that prediction that will criticize you.’

Anyways, let me tell you that I do my work with honesty and complete dedication. You can see that dedication in the “2019 Financial Predictions”. We just launched the “2019 Financial Predictions” book today. I am sure many of you must have bought a copy, and if not you must buy acquire a copy today as I believe this book will guide you amazingly during the most uncertain market trend.

S&P will hold 2616 so this is a buying level. On the higher side profit booking is recommended at 2738, and you can close all longs around this level. 2775 is the most important level, and if S&P closes above this level then we mays see it going towards 3200 to 3800.

The Emerging markets will perform well, and we are strongly recommending buying positions in the Indian and Chinese markets.

Currencies acted as predicted. Stay on the side-lines for now but get ready to take some serious buying later this week.

Most important trade: I have been writing about a bullish trend in Coffee for now we have reached very close to that exciting time cycle. 2019/20 could make you fortune. Coffee is holding on the lower side level. If I am not making a mistake in my readings, then coffee may test $125 very soon and may test $159.00, which means a 50% rise will take place in coffee. In 2020/21 coffee may move towards a historic high, and prices will hit $500, I know it is hard to believe. Read the predictions for Coffee and Cannabis stocks from this year’s book very closely.

2018 Financial Predictions book has detail monthly predictions on most leading stock market, Cannabis sector because we believe that this sector will provide fortune to investors, metals sector monthly cycle, oil market monthly cycle, most of leading and emerging market currencies, grains, softs, Thirty-Year bond and Bitcoin.

I just finish reading my own “2019 Financial predictions” book, I can tell you as a trader that this book worth 1000 times more what we kept price. Book cost is $1.10 a day and I highly recommend to buying it, if you feel it is worth $399, than we can convert that money in any other subscriptions.  

Click here to buy this book or you can gift to you close one:


On Monday Asian market traded positive but European market remained in the mix to negative directions. USA Futures remained negative.

On Tuesday buying only around lower side is recommended but book profit on any recovery as Wednesday is bit negative to mix day.

S&P will hold 2616 level so keep this in mind and on higher side 2688 and 2738 will be crucial astro resistance.

We recommend buying more positions in YINN and INDL. DUST will be good bet for the short term if you selling ERX on higher sides.

UVXY is good day trading bet or only for the 48 hours. Buying today and booking profit tomorrow will be great making opportunity as we still market moving higher on Thursday and Friday as predicted in this week newsletter. LABU will be a good buy on late Wednesday.

We will update you earning card from today.

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Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma