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Tuesday all markets will remain close...we are still expecting 150 points rally between Wednesday and Friday in S&P...

We are still expecting 150 Points rally in S&P in the next three trading sessions


Dear Members,

Market closed early on Monday on Christmas Eve. USA market traded with very thin volume and astro cycles were about to change 1.30 PM New York time but market closed before that.

I still expect huge turn around in market when it opens on Wednesday, we shall expect 100 to 150 points rally in S&P, 300 to 450 Points in Nasdaq and 1100 points in Dow between Wednesday to Friday so S&P and other indexes will erase last three trading days loses in few days.

Let’s see whether S&P moves 100 to 150 points higher between Wednesday and Friday because in this week’s weekly newsletter we mentioned huge rally from Wednesday to start. On Wednesday when market opens in Asia you shall be ready to pump in huge money because this kind of opportunity we don’t get again. Let’s see whether we come right or not about our predictions of Wednesday to Friday rally. In our weekly newsletter we mentioned that in the worst case scenario S&P may test 2341 level and it exactly tested 2341 level so looks like market bottomed out on Monday.

Rest everything moved as per we predicted in our letter: Gold moved higher but $1282 level is profit booking, oil prices collapsed but $43.88 is buy as lower side prices is fulfilled, and dollar moved down as predicted. Buy some positions in Oil on Wednesday, stay short in dollar and stay long precious metals bit close gold at $1282.

There won’t be any flashnews and any other letters on Tuesday as most of markets will remain close.

Merry Christmas

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Monday, 12:11 PM Santa Barbara time, 0:15 AM Mumbai