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Today's Trade & News

Big reversal in the 24 hours in stocks will move higher due to positive astro combinations from today 1.00PM NY Time...

Volatility will end in the next few hours and huge reversal is indicated in the next 24 hours and market can make big move in the next 8 trading days

Dear Members,

Once again one of the best opportunity market have provided to investors. Tech stocks will not fall from here. 10 to 15% rise we shall see in APPLE, NFLX, AMZN, GOOGLE, AND MSFT. In the short term Facebook and NVDA will also move higher because astro combinations are changing for tech stocks in the next 2 hours so watch our predictions closely. 

Nasdaq is great buy here 6555, S&P 2583 and Dow 23935 level, these are great level to buy.

If market doesn’t recover today than it will be negative sign but chances of moving higher is 99% so buy.

Pound collapsed on new of Brexit vote got collapsed, on other hand Indian market also collapsed with Rupee. I recommend to stay sideline just for 24 hours, or if you have deep pocket then start buying today and tomorrow morning in Asian trading sessions.

Current volatility is with force but astro combinations are changing later in the night before two hours of market closes. Tomorrow closing shall be very strong so don’t miss buying today in USA market, Indian market, Rupee and Pound tomorrow.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Monday, 9.50 PM Mumbai