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Why Cannabis and E-car stocks will outperform tech and financials stock, so don't waste time now...

Dear Members,

Euro and Pound shall be in your close watch list. Soy shall start moving higher from this Thursday, coffee positive trend to continue.

S&P will hold 2683 and 2645 levels as predicted last week, and Tuesday rest of markets will act uncertain but USA market will rebound big after making low so keep this in mind.

I always try to find future coming wave which could help investors. Last three months I have been recommending buying Cannabis and E-car stocks against frontline tech stocks as well other sectors. We have been recommending investors to short NVIDIA, FACEBOOK and since last two quarter Apple also came in our selling list. Many other tech stocks are in our selling list except Netflix. Buy Netflix around $268 and AMZN around $1505. Read our daily flashnews and weekly newsletter very carefully.

I still believe that our favorite Cannabis stocks will outperform every stocks in USA equity market so better you start focusing on this sector. I strongly recommend cash in other areas and put money in Cannabis and E-car.  

I just posted this 20-Nov to 31 Dec Cannabis and E-car letter juts now, if you are subscriber then please log in to read article. I still believe that fortune could be made from these sectors. 

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma