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It is volatile time, end of bull market or still bull can bounce back..opposite story for gold...

Dear Members,

Here is small part of our book “”2018 Financial Predictions”. When I was writing “2018 Financial Predictions” book in October/November 2017, I was very clear about future trend that the reason very cycle mentioned in book for markets have come true. Now it will be interesting to watch after 9th November because interesting period could start.

Ninth Cycle: 30th September to 18th October

This will be a short-term bullish Cycle for all the major Markets. We are recommending buying some Stocks and Indexes. This will be the final positive Cycle, and after that market will enter the most volatile time and in 2019 the global equity market will peak. It will be very risky to hold investments in 2019. 

Tenth Cycle: 19th October to 9th November

During this Cycle we see a negative trend in all the major markets. staying on the sidelines is recommended. Some short term geo-political news, or natural disasters are indicating. Any stock exchange will hit by a scandal or some security issues will uncover during this Cycle.

We are not recommending holding any buying positions during this period, if you would still like to hold then you must own UVXY as a hedging trade. There will be a sudden fall in the market even though there won’t be any economic news.

Also we need to watch precious metals closely because March onward negative cycle in base metals and precious metals mentioned in the book, but October onward we predicted recovery to take place. Gold traded negative from March to September as predicted, it held $1182 level as predicted and since then it gained almost 5% value. October month is positive, holding well against rising trend of USD and if dollar start moving lower from here than gold could have some more power to move higher. Read our weekly newsletter carefully for trading and investing purpose.  

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma