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Small part of Mondays flashnews...time looks risky for metals and for many markets...

Tuesdays Daily Flash news (Unedited report)



Dear Members,

My school journey in interior part of Rajasthan in very small village, from there Mumbai, Nairobi and then Santa Barbara. Everything seems yesterday but one thing is truth that I am approaching toward final destinations, I don’t know how many months, year I have but I will try my best to guide you through this subject. Studying astro cycle is essential part of my life journey and this is very challenge in this modern world but I happily accepted this challenge many decades back and decided to walk on thin rope where errors are pointed out immediately and people can start doing mockery. Anyway, today I turned 51, I wish all of you great success and beautiful life on natures beautiful planet earth where we get everything for free (air, water, light, earth, sky), thank God government doesn’t start charging on taking air and sunlight, rest now everything even most of elements become part of government's property (except air).

Many of you have been with me over twenty year to thirty year, so thanking for trusting my work and still accepted  me whenever I was wrong, you allow me to rectify my errors.  

On Monday most of markets traded mix to bit negative. Commodities remained in directionless move but surely held lower sides, we are not recommending buying metals. Pound and emerging market currencies traded negative, but euro and Franc remained in the stable trend.

Traders are getting bit nervous about deadline with China’s trade war, $200 tariff is coming on Chinese good from USA on Thursday. AS per our book current cycle is or both side movement will come, short term traders will earn money but going three days long and three days short in rest of global market except USA market. 

Dollar is holding value but now fight will be with frontline currencies, dollar fight with emerging market got over last week, it means that low have been formed in emerging market currencies.

USA market holding now 2888 level, which is bullish sign, astro indicators are very positive so stay long in market at this stage and wait for 2978 level to close.

So far, the book is doing very well: here what we mentioned in the seventh cycle on page 37 in “2018 Financial Predictions”

Seventh Cycle: 11th July to 27th August

This will be a rising Cycle for the Market so before this cycle starts one should start building up long positions. One should cover all shorts and buy some aggressive positions in the Market. During this Cycle all the news will be positive, and the economy will start looking better, and traders will start buying stocks. 

During this period we see the Market making sharp gains of five to seven percent.

Buy Emerging Markets, European Markets, the Japanese Market, and the US Market. Globally all the major Markets will move higher. The Bull will feel that they are back in the game during this Cycle.

A strong rebound is expected in all major markets during this Cycle. Lithium and cobalt stocks moving higher. Market will be on fire, and may S&P, NASDAQ and most other exchanges will test all-time high.

Tech stocks moved sharply higher, this week cloud computing stocks remained in spotlight. Netflix was great buy on last Monday and we recommended buying it at $310. Yes valuations are getting bit expensive but astro combinations are not in mood to look into seriously at this stage and the reason euphoric movement is still pending in market.  Read our weekly newsletter and our “2018 Financial Predictions” book very carefully.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma