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Cannabis - Biggest bull market than bitcoin 2016/17 and internet stock of 1999

Biggest bubble than bitcoin is on the way in Cannabis stocks

Cannabis stocks recommendations will be part of lithium/E-car letter



Dear Members,

In the last month letter, we mentioned that I don’t want to start separate letter on Cannabis stocks, and that the reason I made Cannabis letter to be part of Lithium letter, which is great added value for investors as well as subscriber of Lithium/E-Car letter. This letter will be also have weekly update.

The reason behind adding Cannabis stocks recommendations as we see major bull to bubble starting in this sector and investors may make fortune in coming time 18 months before this cycle ends. Since last three to four months we have been constantly recommending acquiring positions in Cannabis stocks, recommendations have done very well as many stocks doubled.  

Lithium/Cobalt/E-car and Cannabis stocks will make fortune in the coming time. Currently tech and other areas are almost trading at fully price but great room for these sectors. At this stage I found Cannabis sector which shall remain in fire like what happened in Bitcoin in 2016/17, so let’s make some serious bet and earn some serious money out of this favorite sector.

Middle of October will be best time to put big investment in this sector as stock prices in Cobalt, Lithium and electric car related technology will be on fire. Right now, handful investors are invested in this sector but let’s wait for birth of twister which will bring millions of investors getting into sector. Electric car is future and there will be great transformations will take place in auto industry and I want you to be part of this sector which will provide you 100-fold in the next ten years.

Tesla has been in the news lately, but don’t worry this stock will keep performing well for the medium term. In the next ten years Tesla car will be available in every country and it will be most lovable car. I am very bullish on stock so accumulate positions on weakness and stop focusing on news.

Cobalt and Lithium prices will start rising from the November which will be helping stocks to turn around.

Astro cycles are showing amazingly future once Jupiter changes house from October and after that we may see Saturn supporting sector form November 2019.

Cannabis will have great 18 months, one of the biggest bubbles will take place of recent time, bigger than Bit coin, follow our recommendations as stocks may start doubling every month. We shall exit 100% from cannabis stocks in January 2020. On other hand Lithium stocks and e-car technology will keep rising for the 15 to 20 years.

Here is complete letter of cannabis and Lithium stocks letter of September 2018:

If you are not member of Lithium/E-car Cannabis letter then subscribe here:

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

30 August 2018