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Read next cycle in 2018 book...USA indexes like S&P, NASDAQ and Russell tested all time high...

Dear friends,

Here is what we mentioned in the seventh cycle of USA market in our book “2018 Financial Predictions”. On Friday USA market tested all time high. This year since launching of book, I continuously requested traders to get this book, in fact I reduced price so people can afford as I wanted everyone to make advance trading and investment strategy. Buy "2018 Financial Predictions" book to read next cycle. 

This below section is taken from “2018 Financial Predictions” page number 37.  

Seventh Cycle: 11th July to 27th August

This will be a rising Cycle for the Market so before this cycle starts one should start building up long positions. One should cover all shorts and buy some aggressive positions in the Market. During this Cycle all the news will be positive, and the economy will start looking better, and traders will start buying stocks. 

During this period we see the Market making sharp gains of five to seven percent.

Buy Emerging Markets, European Markets, the Japanese Market, and the US Market. Globally all the major Markets will move higher. The Bull will feel that they are back in the game during this Cycle.

A strong rebound is expected in all major markets during this Cycle. Lithium and cobalt stocks moving higher. Market will be on fire, and may S&P, NASDAQ and most other exchanges will test all-time high.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma