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These stocks will announce earning after market close...metals and oil trading as predicted...must buy 2018 Financial Predictions...

Dear Members,

Yesterday’s recommendations done amazingly well those who bought all our all four stocks before they announced earnings, these stocks were AAPL, PAYC, ZEN, ULTI. Apple is up $10.50, PAYC is up $20.5, ULTI is up $6.00 and ZEN is up $6.80.

Also after sending this small update of yesterday morning to “News and Update sections members” we witnessed sharp up recovery took place in USA market after early fall in morning. This was update:

At the time I am writing this report S&P and NASDAQ recovered from the lows. Monday and Tuesday we predicted uncertainty and market behaved like that. Also in our weekly letter we mentioned that Tuesday lower side market will be good buy or if S&P goes to 2788 level, FAANG stocks traded negative but unable to push market lower which is great sign so buy right now.

As per our book and this week letter we see positive momentum to come from late Tuesday or Wednesday. We are expecting Apple to perform well after earning but lets say even if I am wrong then also you shall buy tomorrow morning Apple on weakness and market on weakness. Get ready to buy S&P and most of index’s if S&P goes to 2788 level.

Note – I will be concern if S&P trades below 2788 level but that I don’t see at this stage.


These stocks will announce earning after market closes:

Buying list on earning – PAYC, ULTI, ZEN, AAPL, BCOR

Now here is todays earning recommendations but must remember these are short term trades, these company will announce earning today after market close:

Buying list, you can buy call or stock: EXAS, EXEL, HUBS, IRTC, NTR, SQ, TODC, PRAH

Selling recommendations or you can buy put options: CHDN, CRUS, PSA, QRVO, RGR, VVC, TTEK

Buy calls and put both side trade as sharp move will be either sides: STMP

Tesla will announce earning, we shall stay long in Tesla as it is our longer-term trade.

Metals traded negative which is very dangerous sign, our view for medium and longer term have been very negative since May 2018, we have been recommending shorting metals, but now they are at crucial level. Must read this year book. Oil traded negative as predicted.

If you haven’t book this year detail predictions book which has detail monthly predictions on markets, commodities and currencies “2018 Financial Predictions” then must buy right now without wasting even one minutes because if you can’t spend $155 on yearly outlook then you are wasting your time and no need to even visit our website for free articles, this is not my arrogance or ego but truth because you need to have vague picture of oncoming time before you invest or take trade. Wealth can’t be built walking in dark.

I feel fractured when people ask for free information’s because I put so much hard work every single day in guiding my members and subscribers. Know monthly cycle in “2018 Financial Predictions” for metals, energy, currencies, bond, grains, softs, twenty global markets with monthly trend of USA market, stocks and Crypto Currencies.

I believe that “2018 Financial Predictions” book should have price tag of $10000 and why I am saying that you will come to know once you read this book. Last month we reduce book price from $395 to $155 level, and your require sections you can buy it in less than $100.

My apology for harsh comment but some time I need to say.  

Fund managers and active traders can buy weekly newsletter, Daily Flashnews, stock report and lithium/cobalt and electric car report.

Small time traders can subscribe book and update & news sections.

Note: I don’t take personal or corporate clients at this stage so please don’t subscribe.

Here book lick:

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UVXY is great hedging bet, Biotech stocks looks great so take some buying in etfs.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Santa Barbara 9.55 AM