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Apple earning and market, metals, energy, currencies and grains trend.....We just unlock this for everyone

Dear Members,

At the time I am writing this report S&P and NASDAQ recovered from the lows. Monday and Tuesday we predicted uncertainty and market behaved like that. Also in our weekly letter we mentioned that Tuesday lower side market will be good buy or if S&P goes to 2788 level, FAANG stocks traded negative but unable to push market lower which is great sign.

As per our book and this week letter we see positive momentum to come from late Tuesday or Wednesday. We are expecting Apple to perform well after earning but lets say even if I am wrong then also you shall buy tomorrow morning Apple on weakness and market on weakness. Get ready to buy S&P and most of index’s if S&P goes to 2788 level.

Note – I will be concern if S&P trades below 2788 level.


These stocks will announce earning after market closes:

Buying list on earning – PAYC, ULTI, ZEN, APPL

Selling list - MO, SIMO, SMG, WIRE

Buy calls and put both – AKAM, BXP, EXR, FUVS, QLYS, ROG

We expect metals to perform well from Wednesday, Tuesday lower side short covering recommended. Gold will still struggle. Oil came down on Tuesday as predicted and grains moved higher as predicted.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Santa Barbara 8.20 AM