Dear Members,

Markets are trading lower on FACEBOOK news as predicted. Now time to acquire some aggressive positions in Indexes, buy short term call options with target of 3% higher in S&P and NASDAQ.

Also buy LRCX, TYL, AMZN, PFPT, IMPV, EW, EA, BOOM, ATR. I am recommending taking calls and put (both side trade) in LRCX, TYL and EA. Stay long AMZN, IMPV, EW, and PFPT. We already predicted $2000 price target in 2018 so lets see does it happens or after earning!

In selling list: MSTR, EXPE, SKYW.

Other key stocks which will announce earning today are: COLM, CMG, DECK, INTC, SAM, ELLI, I don’t have any clear view on these stocks.

INTC may trade negative, CMG we recommended buying last year at $255 and moved almost most 60% higher, so we shall look to buy more on any weakness.

ELLI has been moving higher, I will close all longs on any further rise, this one we recommended at $15.00 and now it is around $108, so close all long on any sharp move tomorrow.

COLM and DECK may move higher, no shorts recommended, hold positions if you have any. SAM close long tomorrow.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma