Dear Members,

Yesterday IQV performed very well, it was our top pick. These following stocks will announce earning today after close and few before market open tomorrow: Buying list as we see stocks performing well: GRUB,  IEX, TMO, WIX, USAP, TMO, TEL, SLAB, IEX, CSGP, MKTX.

Selling list: WCN, GD, IR, TUP.

Buy call and put in TXN and BA.

S&P failed to remain above 2828 level, it was good profit booking level, so now watch 2788 level to buy back positions but market to still hold value so no shorts.

Crypto Currency cycle have change, we see some exciting price movements in related stocks. Must read book sections of Crypto. 

Dollar, currencies, bond and commodities (metals, energy, grains and softs) traded as predicted.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma