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Small part from this week's financial predicted S&P is getting ready for 3200 and gold is heading for...

Weekly Newsletter from 9-13 July 2018

Interesting time is beginning for investors…

Dear Friends,

Here is small first sections of weekly newsletter, after many years we may publish complete newsletter tomorrow for all visitors for free, must read this first part carefully.  

Dear Members,

First, I would like to wish all good luck to divers who are trying to rescue 12 children of soccer team from the cave of Thailand. We pray for safety and good health for kids. My most of favourite team are out from FIFA except England so lets hope that England wins this world cup.

Last week commodities had a tough week as traders were not sure how badly the trade war between China and USA could impact the commodity market, especially Soy bean prices in USA and base metals prices in China as both of these are in the tariff list. In early Jan 2016 Glencore (Key commodity and natural resources company) was in trouble with falling oil prices and lower natural resources prices. I published a big report on that in 2016, and after that Glencore restructured the deal with financial institutions and the rise in oil and other base metals prices helped its stock prices. Also, the deal went in their favor because the interest rate was very low. It looks like Glencore is out of the wood but if grains, oil and base metals lose value in the future from here, then once again everyone will watch Glencore closely. Glencore stock prices moved from $1.00 to $5.50 in the last 30 months. I don’t see Glencore is going back to problem again even if USA and China trade war issue get worst.

This year our view was very negative on base metals and I still don’t see base metals and other industrial metals rising soon again but surely agriculture prices will stabilize and oil will remain in 15 to 18% range from here to the year end.

Last week Soy bean made almost a decade’s low in USA market, but in other world soy prices are still holding nice value. India prices have been holding very well. The Currency market plays a key role. The fall in Brazilian real is helping Brazilian exporters, and they don’t mind even fulfilling their commitment of supply.

The current astro cycle is not great for commodity prices and commodity long traders. The Bear will have the upper hand in coming time.

Last week the recovery in coffee and Soy prices clearly indicated that the low has been formed in both these agricultural products. Commodity markets is very leveraged, and it can make you a great amount of money if you are right on a few future market trades. In 2005, I was taking very leveraged trade in commodities trading in one of my close friends account. He said “Mahendra, I don’t mind losing this money because his account was down from $20000 to $18000.” His account went from $18000 to $4.75 million within 4 months and 15 days. Leverage trades are also very dangerous because there is always risk of losing everything. Also, options trading is the same; if you are right then you can make limitless money. I have given the example of the story of my Silver trade of 2002 many times. In early 2002 when silver was trading around $4.38 I bought call options worth $300000 in silver of 2005 December expiry and strike price was $7.00 (my cost was $0.01 one cent for each call because no bank thought that prices could move that fast because the commodity market was totally depressed that time), and the reason I took this bet was because my astro indications were showing a clear bullish trend in silver. In 2005 I just cashed in $50000 in third quarter and closed positions, if I would have bought the same call of 2007 then I would have made almost $375 million dollars.

I think the astro cycle of individuals are also very important to understand whether in their own personal chart gains are written or not, and if yes then when. Favorable Astro Timing for each individual is very important to see when to take risk and when not to, which sector, currencies or commodity are favorable and which are negative for us. There are so many factors involving our life and they all could be revealed by reading the astro chart. Only a good astrologer could be able to guide you on the correct path on time frame but unfortunately 99% are fake astrologers because they just learn the basics in astrology and start becoming astrologer and most people get trapped with them so be aware of that. 

Let me come back to the market; Last week dollar came down as predicted and at this stage we were able to predict very accurately the short-term bottom and top. We recommended buying dollar Index at 88.31 with target of 95.15, and dollar exactly bottomed out at 88.31 and correctly tested 95.15 level. Most of the traders have booked profit in USD at 95.15 on our recommendations. Now it is important that you remain a short-term trader.

On gold we were able to predict the top at $1357 and the first important bottom at $1238 level which got achieved but apart from booking some profit at $1238 in short trade, we are not recommending buying. Many of the base metals collapsed between 15 to 25% as predicted. Read very carefully the metal sections below in this week’s newsletter.

Last week oil remained in the mixed trading pattern; it traded around the price of $73.88 level which was the predicted crucial level. Oil prices are trading as per our prediction, but this week is very crucial and we will describe in detail below.  

Softs and grains are forming a bottom but a few of the agricultural commodities look very interesting in our astro chart and astro cycles.

Last week S&P performed amazingly well; S&P bounced back from the most important astro support of 2688 level and now it is heading towards the most important astro resistance level. If S&P behaves as predicted, then 3200 for S&P and 9000 level for Nasdaq mini are not very far.

Yesterday, I was reading the story about the fight of Cyrus Mistry with the Tata group. It is amazing how his family made money. The Mistry Family invested 70 crores in 1965, which was 17% investment in Tata sons, and now that investment has become 58000 crores. The Mistry Family had vision and they saw what the Tata group could do so they had trust, but the current fight is showing that their power, ego and greed is coming in the way.

Focus on the longer-term investments with hard earned cash money and I am sure you can make fortune for yourself, and even for your next generation. My weekly newsletter is so popular because I recommend longer-term trades in that letter. Many of my close friends are members of my financial services since over two decades and they really built great wealth in that time. For example, look at my 2003 article on tech stocks where I clearly recommended putting your hard earned money in frontline tech stocks because I saw tech taking over wall-street’s trend, and their valuations will move in 50 to 100 folds or more, and that was proven so right. In fact, in 2009 on 26th February, we predicted most of the markets going aggressively higher and that S&P would move from 675 to 3200. We recommended selling all assets and buy banks and tech stocks. Those who bought and are still holding the stocks made a fortune.

It is important that we need to focus on longer term; I have always recommended trading short term with only 5 to 10% of your capital, 30% on medium term and 60 to 65% money shall always be invested in longer term planning. I have yet to see a single person on this planet who built his wealth with short term trading and that’s the reason I don’t recommend putting too much focus on the short term trading and strategy. Invest in my visions and especially in the sector where I am extremely bullish for the longer term. 

I see these markets going crazily higher so stay long at this stage; we will recommend booking profit but not at this stage.  

I still highly recommend buying this year’s book, it may change your investing career. I reduced the book price from $395 to $155 level for you. I would love to give this book for free but I have to respect my grandfather’s word of always charging for work you do. You will find real value of book when you read it.  

Also today we recommended some trades in the "news and update sections" for website members, if you are member of this sections then click here to know about these trades:

After many years I may put this week newsletter on website for this free to review, so people can see what we write in newsletter and every weekly newsletter is so detail with strategy. I write every week 12 to 15 pages in newsletter and most of time we write how market, commodities and currencies would trade in future coming time. Our Weekly newsletter is most popular service amount Wall-Street investor. Our website soon will hit 15 millions hits, and all thanks to all of you for your trust and support in my work.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma