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Metal, energy, market, crypto trend as per 2018 financial predictions book using financial astrology and astro cycle...

Dear Members,

Base metals are collapsing after achieving higher side ranges. Zinc, copper, lead, Aluminum, Nickel and platinum are of our lower side predicted level, but we are not recommending any buying. In the todays flash news, we recommended covering some of shorts positions in base metals.

Precious metals are still in negative trend, don’t try to find bottom in precious and base metal. I am sure this year book done miracle for many.

Oil is failing to move above $73.88 level. Grains and softs are trading lower. Coffee and soy is close to bottom out any day.

Mexican peso moving strongly higher as predicted, now turn for Brazilian real, Rupee, Argentina Peso and South African Rand. Dollar Index has achieved top for the short term at 95.15, and now what our predicted lower levels.

Crypto Currency will form strong bottom in the next three weeks, follow our book predictions on Crypto currencies. Soon I will recommend few of stocks which plays role in Crypto as well as few Crypto to buy. Most of you aware that last years selling Bitcoin and most of Crypto in the month of October. We recommended getting out from Bitcoin around $19000, with price target of $5000 to $4355. This advice save many crypto trader from getting trap in bubble. I am not discounting Crypto because it has future but you have to smart in identify right Crypto. From next month we will first time start writing actively on Crypto market.  

Cannabis is another sector to watch and our most favorite is lithium, cobalt and Graphite sector. Our favorite etfs are BRZU, LBJ, INDL and YINN.

This is what we stated yesterday: Wednesday USA market remain close but in Asian and European market we saw major fall in base metals prices. Many base metals achieved our lower sides target mentioned in the book “2018 Financial Predictions”. We still believe that S&P will achieve 3200 target very soon, read our book carefully. 

Look at last thirty days chart of Copper, it came down from $330 to $284. In this year book we mentioned higher side $332 to $282 to $268.

Look at Zinc prices, it came down from $3570 to $2688 from early this year high. It is worst performing one of the base metals for this year. Shot was recommended, ion this year book we mentioned that higher it may test 3575 and lower side $2650.

On other hand Lead, Nickel and Aluminum also lost value. Lead and Nickel lost less value then zinc, copper, palladium and Aluminum.  In the Middle of April 2018 Prices tested $2650, and on yesterday it came down to $2090. It lost more than 20% value.

Palladium is another metal which was in our aggressive sell list in 2018 with all other base metals. It lost value from $1135 to $930.

This year our view on base metals was very negative and still our view is not positive at all. Precious metals are also trading negative, especially Platinum as it tested 2009 lows. It is worst performing precious metal. But still overall silver is worst performing metals of last one decade because it lost value from $50.00 to $16.00.

Metal stocks are still struggling, rising base metals prices in the second half of last year and this year didn’t help mining stocks. Now you know the reason that why many fund people respect and value our work so much.

Anyway, stay away from any buying in base metals, surely one can cover shorts positions at 70% if you have in base metal. Buying time is still far away. Yes, short term traders can play with short term trading by following our short term predictions in daily letter or flashnews.

Most of global market remained in the mix pattern, few emerging market are showing some positive sign.

Oil remained in volatile trend on Iran sections by Trump. At this stage oil prices will be driven on global News but surely you need to watch $73.88 level closely for the another two trading days.

Stay away from grains and softs, surely they are close to bottom, so one can start buying small positions in coffee, soy and soy oil. Sugar will form bottom very soon.

Thirty Year will keep gaining small value.

Dollar index traded mix, and mix kind of trend will continue. We need to watch 95.15 level on higher sides, we don’t see it closing above this level. Emerging market currencies are great bet.  

Out two our favorite top team, at this stage Brazil (Brazil got out also from world cup just now). 

FIFA WORLD CUP 2018: We already predicted Brazil and Mexico are our favorite two teams (both my team got out from World cup). Few people asked me which we will be four teams to go in to Semi-final? My two other teams are Portugal which I already stated, and England is forth team (I was debating between Uruguay and England, so I chose England).

Every single day I receive note from new visitors of website those who were not aware about our work saying that they never thought that this kind of work exists and theory could predict trend in advance. Many are talking few said that we couldn’t believe that this kind of book is available for traders and investors.

I strongly recommend buying this book to following people:

Those who hold investment of any amount from $1000 to billions

Those who want start career in trading and investment

Those who trades Metals, stocks, US and most of global Indexes, Crypto currency, energy, bond, softs, grains, and all major global currency

This book has monthly cycle of above markets which can guide when to buy and when to sell with higher and lower ranges

This who just started their career in investment and trading field and those are there in market even since last fifty year

Important note: If you feel that this book is not worth amount you paid then we will give you same amount of any service for free.

Must read:

This year I reduce book prices from $395 to $155 last week because I wanted everyone to have this book. Please let your close people to know about this book and let them read it and know that there is astro cycle and wave of nature theory exists and it is most unique because it tell us one year to decade in advance about future coming time.   

Here is Kitco Interview of last week:

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma