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Here is important small sections from this week newsletter...We are reducing rate book to $155 for limited time...must book this book if you have even $5000 investment in market...

Stay sideline for the next 9 days from markets…commodities falling as predicted and don’t try to find bottom in commodities…



Dear Members,

The one thing that we need to realize is that everyone like hedge funds, banks, individual billionaires, millionaire’s, and even the common man, is in the market is to make money. The common man tries to find out what the big guys are doing and think that following them can make them money. Millionaires and billionaires make deals to make money, and banks and hedge funds have the power to make deals with corporates, and make money remaining the middle men.

There is no doubt that money and power plays a major role, and strategies also provide a comfort level, but as predicted Luck also plays a major role. Small investors have little room for error because they trade with a very limited amount of funds, and when a trade moves again them then they either get stuck with their positions, or they lose whatever they have if they take slightly leveraged bets.

In 1996, I took a huge risk with what I had, and invested everything. I decided to remain long without day trading and made my first fortune by December 1999. So, I learned from the tech bubble and understood that small investors can only make money if they are able to find which area will become the darling of the investment community because that will always be the best bet. I have mentioned that I just invested $15,900, and it turned into $1.7 million by December 1999.

In 2000 I finish my first book because I wanted the common man to make money in the market, so I decide to share my information with the world rather than keeping it to myself and the people close to me. Most of you are aware that in 2001 I launched my first book and in the book we recommended buying gold, silver, copper, base metals, oil, and other commodities. In the book I also predicted a rise in most of the currencies, and a fall in USD. People who believe in my work made a fortune. There is no doubt that the rise of gold/silver/oil, and the fall of USD prediction gave me a place in the hearts of Wall-Streeters.

The moral of the story is that sometimes you need to be patient to make money. In 1996 it took me four years to make my first money, in 2001 we held our gold investments for almost ten years to make a fortune, as did many other people.

In 2009 banks became our favorites because they were so cheap, and we expected a mega bull market to take place. In 2010 once again, technology become our favorite. Both these sectors also made a fortune.

This is all in the past, so let’s talk about the present, and what will happen from here onwards, because you need to put some money for the three to five year investment strategies without thinking about what is happening in the short term.

I already mentioned that Lithium, Cobalt, Graphite, and EV-battery related areas will have the most amazing bullish cycle. Every one of my member must invest in this area. We have Lithium subscriptions and we are strongly recommend subscribing this service. The next letter will be out on Monday or Tuesday of this week.

Technology will be a key player behind the world running smoothly, so tech stocks will keep providing great returns, and new players will keep emerging in the tech.

Short term bubble will take place in Cannabis stocks, but no major longer-term recommendations in this area.

You have been hearing about my coffee prediction. From next year onwards, coffee will make many investors tons of money. I am waiting very patiently and will plan a strategy once I see an extreme bullish astro combination starting.

There is an uncertain cycle starting for metals and energy so be aware at this stage. We have mentioned on many occasions that gold and silver will rally in the future coming time but that may take a few more years from here before we start buying gold and silver or before they bottom out in 2018.

Since 2011 we have been recommending staying on the sidelines in gold and silver, we recommended selling 100% positions in gold, silver and metal stocks. On many occasions we recommended to remaining a short-term trader exiting quickly if you make money by buying around the lower side. Don’t hold positions for the medium and longer term in precious and base metals. In 2018 our selling recommendations in gold at $1357 made good money for traders because our one lower side target have almost achieved last at $1239 and another three targets are pending. From 11 June our view on base metals turned extremely bearish which done very well. This year we kept recommending building shorty positions in base metals have done well. 2018 financial Predictions book have been guiding amazingly well. If you haven’t this year book then you should have done mistake, I still recommend that must buy book even if you have $5000 investment in market because this book will really guide you very accurately with trading and investment. Once again I decided to reduce book price to $155 from original price of $395 because I want people to have this book. I think this is best what I can do for you guys. If you disappoint with book then we can give you same amount of any service book, but we are 100% sure that you will say why you haven’t bought this book when it got released. Book has detail monthly cycle for metals, energy, currencies, USA, Crypto-Currencyies and thirty year global market, grains, softs, bond and currencies. 

Buy book with limited time offer at $155:

The Oil market is dead for the longer term, ninety percent of companies will lose 80% value from current levels. At this stage oil will trade in mixed trading pattern. The future of oil looks very negative, and we have already predicted that Saudi Arabia and many Middle-Eastern countries will go into massive debt, and their currencies will lose 90% value in the next ten years. Trump may support the oil market as the Republicans are always interested in higher oil prices due to their own interests.

It will be interesting to see whether oil moves higher and closes above $73.88 for five days, or whether it just collapses from here. Whether gold rebounds after losing $100 from a few months high, or it will just collapse’s, before a short term supportive cycle starts. I am only interested in areas which will provide us with the best returns without much tensions and uncertainty.

I finished the letter, but I finished watching the soccer match between Russia and Spain. Our astro indicators were not showing major support for Germany, Argentina, and Spain so we never showed any interest in these countries winning the world cup. I told my children that Russia would win and that was a surprise result. My favorite teams are Mexico and Brazil, and both these teams are playing against each other tomorrow, so one of my favorite teams will depart, possibly Brazil will go through. The other three teams that were our favorites after Brazil and Mexico are England, Uruguay, and Portugal (which is out as well). 

Here is this week’s newsletter from 2-6 July 2018

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma