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Today's Trade & News

Wednesday's trades - Cannabis stocks are on CANN and MCIG, buy FIVE on today's few more stocks list for today...Financial astrology..

Dear Members,

Markets Cannabis stocks are on fire today, one of our recommended stocks MCIG is doing well since recommended, and today CANN, moved 25% aggressively higher. Don’t book profit as we see huge momentum starting in this sector. Add some aggressive positions in MCIG, it is our second favorite, and few stocks we already mentioned are ACBFF and CRON.

I am very impressed with the behavior pattern of marijuana sector because it is moving as per planetary behavior. Venus is changing house which clearly will bring huge momentum and we already mentioned in this week newsletter about Venus transit and Marijuana stocks going crazy.

I was thinking of creating new letter sections, but I decided now that Cannabis sector will be part of our Daily stocks report for the next one year before I decide to create new sections. Lithium letter we created because we are aware that how strong momentum will start in EV battery sector for medium and longer term. Cannabis will be good play for the short to medium term.

I decided to give new life to my stock investment report as I want to make stock report very fun with complete short-term trading strategy so lets traders to make some short-term profit on daily basis with market movements with options trading. Also, there will be medium and longer term trading strategy.

From our stock report BA Boeing is going very well today as predicted.

Yesterday we recommended buying THO on earning, but we are pulling that decision. We are strongly recommend buying FIVE, AVGO and MNT. Five will announce earning today and rest AVGO and MNT will announce earnings tomorrow.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

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