Buy EV battery related stocks for longer term and Cannabis for shorter/ medium term will be key profit provider…financial astrology


Dear Members,

Within the next two weeks a fresh new look will be coming for the website, and I am sure it will be very fast and responsive one. Also, this weekend I was doing some astro research on a few areas and Marijuana/cannabis looks great for the short to medium term. Yes, our longer-term favorite is still electric car/EV Battery/lithium/cobalt. I think it is important to find the right area and invest in right area is everything about financial market. Buffet acknowledged that he missed a great opportunity by not investing in tech stocks. Most of you subscribe to our services to get a clear answer from us about where to invest next.

We have been lucky over two decades by finding the correct area of investment from technology in 1996, mining in 2001, and back to tech and financial in 2009. Look at our recommendations of gold stocks in 2013.

Now we have been recommending lithium/cobalt/graphite, or I can say electric car/battery area which will change the transport industry dramatically. In 2004/5 I believed that Electric cars would be the future and every auto maker should go into this area as quickly as possible and those who will ignore this will left behind. This was a warning and alarming prediction that I made in 2003 for auto industry. I hope many key players would have given importance to this prediction, but the modern world and modern thinkers don’t give any importance to my predictions.

Yes, many investors do and that is the reason they keep subscribing our services for decades. My top pick was Tesla because I saw that this car company will change the future of the auto industry. One-man Elon Musk changed trillion-dollar industries future. He forced auto giants to think his way, he brought a revolution in the auto industry with companies that have been there for the last century. In 2004/5 we predicted that the whole industry will chase electric cars.

Now our predictions about electric cars looks like a reality. We already started lithium/cobalt/graphite/battery letter and we are strongly recommend focusing and investing some money in this sector. We already predicted that after 2025 there will be very limited cars with gas and I hope that this prediction will come true, at this stage it looks like every auto maker is rushing to release an electric car. I will try to update at least four times update in a month in lithium Newsletter. 

Take advantage of current accuracy as our subscriptions cost is nothing if you trade smartly on our recommendations on Daily basis by following Daily Flashnews or Daily stock recommendations then you can recover subscriptions in day one, but I leave decisions on you whether to subscribe our services or not.

Those who couldn’t afford our services can buy 2018 Financial Predictions book, we are sure it is worth every penny you spend, you can now buy each sections of this book at lower cost.

Cannabis/Marijuana Investors will make a great amount of money from this sector until it matures and once the Federal government policy becomes clearer on Taxation and accounting. Many states have a clear the path for medical marijuana and many also for recreational purposes. Canadian stocks have done well in the last year, USA stocks are finding ways but we are expecting major policy changes for this sector from the Federal government which could boost the prospects of this sector. Venus is changing this Friday which could play a miracle role for the Cannabis stocks. This Venus will be joining the North Node on Friday, which could play a miracle role this sector. Venus will be staying to this house for one month so lets see whether it able to push this sector higher or not. Venus has complete control on the Marijuana sector. The North Node plays a small role with mars, none of the other planets play any important role for Marijuana. If Marijuana stocks perform very positive from the 8th of June, then we will able to predict every move in Cannabis stocks from here onwards.

We are strongly recommend buying stocks in this sector fearlessly, hold positions and we are sure you will make a fortune. We already started recommending stocks in this sector, and today we are recommending buying two stocks fearlessly. I am expecting huge momentum to start building in this area.

MCIG and CANN, are two of our favorite picks for the next month, let’s see how strongly these two stocks perform. How much both stocks will move and what is our target on higher sides, to know please Subscribe to weekly news letter to review complete weekly outlook for metals, energy, grains, softs, Indexes, bond and currencies. 

Financial astrology and astro cycles plays a key role in giving birth to every new cycle and new area of investment.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma