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Today's Trade & News

Oil, market and dollar traded as predicted and here strategy for today and tomorrow...

Dear Members,

Monday and Tuesday, we expected huge volatility as well as we recommended to stay sideline due to Scorpio Moon. Tomorrow by the end of the day Scorpio Moon will end so we are recommending taking some long in marker. We don’t see S&P going below 2661 to 2668 levels so from here to 2661 level one start building small buying positions. Overall cycle is mix to bit negative as per book so we have been recommending to trade in and out with two percent move in market.

Buy AMAZON, NFLX and MSFT without fear with 20 to 25% higher side move in miedum term.  

Read our book predictions closely of this current cycle which started from 30 April.

Currencies are close to bottom, dollar have achieved top and most of currencies achieved bottom so focus on some term move. Euro have achieved also our lower side target of 1.1575 level.

Oil have achieved our first lower side target of $65.88 level after recommending aggressive short at $71.28 to $72.88 level, with short term target $65.88, now short term traders can cover shorts. ERX came down from 44.00 to $32.55 level as predicted.

Read our weekly and daily Flashnews for perfect trading. Invest money in book, and our daily letters to get clear picture. Currently accuracy is very high so take advantage of our recommendations.

Thanks & God bless

Mahendra Sharma

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