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Small part from Tuesday flashnews…which was sent Monday evening, every flashnews we sent before the Asian market opens so basically we outline what would happens in the next 24 hours and what would be trading ranges for most of global indexes, most of currencies, commodities and bond market…here is what we stated…


Watch USA market as it is sucking in every hedge fund money and not allowing to go else where in different markets


Dear Members,

On Monday Emerging market struggled, and Indian market remained worst performing market in the last six trading sessions. INDL also performed badly as magic of Modi is fading and many are concerned that his policies are not working well for India, growth is showing mix signal. He need to change Finance Minister on urgent basis otherwise some serious trouble could take him down in coming elections. Modi and his teams just talks too much without delivery much, BJP has to remember that they have to perform to make common man’s life easy and better. I have still 100% confident that Indian market will outperform so stay long in this market. Rest of develop word market performed very well, European, Japan and USA market traded very well on Monday as predicted.

On other hand currencies gained value from the lower level as expected. Oil moved higher as Monday we was positive astro day and now you need to watch next three trading sessions at our most crucial astro predicted resistance level will be $72.88 and we believe that oil won’t able to close above this level for the more than three days. Technicals are in support for oil but astro cycles are turning lower side if oil fails to close above $72.88 level.

Gold, silver and base metals gained value from the lower levels as predicted, and positive trend to may continue on Tuesday.

Lumber lost almost 7.5% value in the last two days. Rest softs gained value, soy gained value but wheat lost value as predicted. Thirty Year traded mix as predicted. Overall our advise remained in track.

We see most amazing time cycle coming for Cobalt, Lithium, graphite and e-car related stocks. In 2005 I clearly saw in my vision that electric car is coming in the next one decade and that would be the future. Today this look reality of what I saw in 2005.

Three times my predictions were 100% accurate on recommending accurate sector, first one in 1996 when we recommendations of technology stocks to buy, and I told people that they can become millionaire or billionaire if they put money in this sector. Second best prediction was in 2001 when we recommended buying mining, energy and natural resources stocks, we said investors would make fortune. Third one was in 2009 March, when we recommended to sell all assets including real-estate and hard assets and buy banking and tech stocks in USA. Since last year I have been recommending putting money in Cobalt, lithium, Graphite and E-car related stocks. Let me tell you today that you will make unbelievable money if you focus for the next five years time. It will be one of the most amazing ride so start investing. I started service which cover lithium, cobalt, graphite, and e-car battery related services which may help you to build fortune if I come right in what I see.

Lithium, cobalt, Graphite and Cannabis stocks performed very well. We just posted third letter for Lithium/cobalt, Graphite, gold and battery stocks related letter. You can log-in and read if you are member of this services. We are expecting mega move in these mining stocks. You can subscribe in $171.00 if you are not member:

Now we are just sending this letter once in a month, but from next month’s we will start writing brief three more update during every Monday so total four letter you will get in month on this sector. I really very excited about this sector and stocks are trading far cheaper or in penny’s so if they move in 10 to 50 folds then surely, we will do very well.

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Mahendra Sharma