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Monday's trade - Mega bull trend in market? low gold will go from here...Financial astrology and market predictions...

Dear Members,

Gold is out of our buying list at $1305, last six months have done very well by buying gold from $1251, $1262, and $1305, and on higher side every time we recommended booking profit at $1357 and $1364 levels. Last six months astro cycle was positive but now negative time shall start from today, so higher side profit booking is recommended, or selling is recommended.

On lower side we shall expect hold to move toward $1262 before bullish cycle starts once again. Follow our daily letter or book “2018 Financial predictions”. Maximum higher side $1321 level for the short term now which is selling levels.

This week we recommended selling in precious metals from Monday.

Mega move is coming in market, don’t short stocks and Indexes. Follow our weekly newsletter as well as book.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

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