Fridays Daily Flashnews (Unedited report)

Oil failing to test 71.28 level and US dollar is on fire



Dear Members,

On Thursday dollar came down as predicted, market traded negative and bounced back from lower level as expected. Metals traded positive, but gold missed great opportunity. Rest of commodities acted very well but lumber closed limit down. Since last two weeks large number of currencies market traders are watching our work closely as per email I receive from them, number are multiplying every single day, I don’t know the reason but it looks like many seems very confused that which side they shall take trades. Many wants me to start spot market currency letter with intra-day updates, but I can’t do as I am alone and no one else (My staff or children) can handle my work because it is special field. In fact, I am thinking or reducing to two services from four. I also stop taking any new personal clients now as it is big commitment. I am really happy for currency traders as many have done very well in the last three weeks.

Scorpio Moon ended yesterday during the USA market trading sessions and we saw volatility. S&P tested 2591 level, which was great buying level and we are sure many of you must have bought positions. Gold held value of $1305 and during the European sessions it tested $1320 level.

I am traveling back to Mumbai in the next few hours and by the middle of May back to Santa Barbara. It was great trip specially on spiritual side, also able to spend lot of time with needy people and tried my best to help them.

On Friday markets will trade mix and metals will trade mix go positive. Energy prices held value but great time to sell oil in coming week at $71.29 level. Trade in and out in grains and softs.

Dollar Index will trade mix, watch our ranges for currencies.

AS predicted we expected commodities to do well during this week and they did performed well except gold. 

This is what we stated yesterday: Wednesday USD still held value, gold struggled to gain and rest of commodities remained in the mix to bit negative directions. We expected CRB index to top-out during this week on Thursday which clearly mean that commodities are topping out for the medium term.

Equity markets traded negative and we expected that to happen due to Scorpio Moon. Apple unable to help market but helped NASDAQ bit. Energy prices traded mix, but they closed in Red which is not good news.

Thursday uncertain trend in market will continue, gold will struggle though Thursday is supportive day. Gold is trading around $1305 level. Silver and other base metals remained in the positive trend. Energy prices are ready to fall so we are sure you must have built position in it.

Dollar Index trading above or closing above 91.98 will open door for it to test 93.38 level.

Humble request, please follow the law of the nature: Those who are seeking free information from you what we stated in our book or newsletter, just tell them to subscribe their copy. 

We are still believing that a $351 investment by buying a complete copy of the “2018 Financial Predictions” or in $99, $151, and $199 for the different sections of the book is worth every penny if you trade or invest in the market, especially with the risks that people take in trading and investing.

This is what we stated yesterday: To get a complete feel of 2018, the 2017, was very simply a year with a bullish trend, if you have bought market, crypto currency, energy and base metals then you did well without using much of your brain and logic. 2018 on the other hand will be a completely different year. I highly recommend reading “2018 Financial Predictions” book from cover to cover to get a complete feel of 2018. Many readers have the habit of jumping directly to the chapter they are interested in but don’t make this mistake this time. Even if you are metal trader you must-read the dollar section, what other commodities will be doing, and what the market’s and crypto’s trend will be, so please read the book in detail.

The Indian market is our favorite one in 2018, so stay long in Indian market ETF’s and stocks.


Here are the trading strategies and ranges for Friday:  


On Thursday precious metals gained value and base metals also traded positive as expected. This was very supportive week for precious and base metals, but I am really disappointed with gold performance. Yes, good news that gold held $1305 level as predicted.

On Friday precious and base metals will gain value or will trade in green. Real crucial time will start from….

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Friday’s astro combination recommendation Close all long precious metals on higher side, sell base metals on higher sides as bear cycle will begin.  

Fridays trading range: (July 2018 contract):

GOLD: $1320.80 to $1305.00

SILVER: $16.63 TO $16.21

COPPER: $312.50 TO $305.80

PALLADIUM: $970.00 TO $950.00

PLATINUM: $911.00 TO $895.00



On Thursday most of markets traded negative, USA market opened sharply lower and started bounced back once shadow of Scorpio Moon got over. We recommended trader to buy Indexes on lower sides, we also mentioned that S&P may not close below 2588 level, it tested 2591 and closed at 2631 level.

On Friday we are still recommending buying stocks on lower sides, trade in and out in USA market will be best strategy…. Get ready to read next week weekly newsletter.

This is what we mentioned yesterday: Wednesday globally markets traded mix, USA market struggled to move higher even after Apple moving higher more than 4.5%. On Thursday uncertain trend in most of market will continue. This week view on market was mix to bit uncertain and so far market traded as per astro indications.

We are recommending staying sideline in market on Thursday, don’t buy any positions in the middle of ranges, surely one can buy positions if S&P comes around 2605 or 2588 level.

Scorpio Moon will end around opening of USA market, but some shadow will remain there. Still trading ranges S&P will be 2688 on higher side and lower side 2605 so watch these levels closely and take trading opportunity.

Asian, European and USA market will trade mix to negative, lower side on Thursday or Friday opening on weakness shall be taken as buying opportunity in all major markets.



On Thursday Thirty Year bond mix as predicted…. remain day trader in Thirty Year bond. Friday we see both side trend to trade in and out, medium term traders must hold short positions as prices will move toward 137-00 level by the June 12th.

If Bond prices closes below 143-00 for the three days then sharp fall could occur.

From Wednesday one can start buying more positions in TMV, TBT, and TTT.

We already stated that Bond prices will hit 137 or lower up to 127-00 level. We started recommending selling in Bond at 172-00 and a lot is still pending on the down side.

Fridays astro combination recommendation –  Trade in and out, sell higher sides.

Friday’s trading range (June 2018 contract):

TREASURY BOND – 143.31 TO 142-17



On Thursday Coffee, cotton, sugar and cocoa traded mix…..

Lumber, cocoa and orange juice will start trading lower from 7th May.

This what we have been saying since the last two months: We already predicted that major trend will develop in coffee from the 16th of May so remain watchful, keep acquire positions. Cover all short in Sugar around $11.71 and lower side it can test $10.81 level. Coffee closing below $118 level could open the door for it to test $112.00 level.

This is the forth time Orange Juice gained value from $133.00. At this stage in 2018 Orange Juice may trade in the range of $133 to $159. Higher side cotton won’t move above $87.78 level, once it closes above this level then we may see $93.88 to $105.73 level.

Stay away from any buying in Orange Juice and Sugar. Start buying “JO”, coffee ETF.

Friday astro combination recommendations – Sell more lumber, cocoa. cover all shorts in sugar and buy small positions.

Friday’s trading range: (July 2018 Contract)

COFFEE: $125.95 TO $123.75

COTTON: 85.15 TO 83.88

SUGAR: $11.87 TO $11.42

COCOA: 2881 TO 2792

LUMBER: 570 TO 561

ORNAGE JUICE: 160.50 TO 157.10



On Thursday corn and wheat went higher but soy meal struggle. Soy bean traded both sides and recovered from the lower levels.

On Friday we are recommending trading in and out without any taking short positions. Stay away from soy oil. Wheat must close above $532 which is opening door for it to achieve $575 level but….

Fridays astro combination recommendations – Trade in and out.   

Friday’s trading range (July 2018 contracts):

CORN: $410.00 TO $403.00

WHEAT: $542.00 TO $526.00

SOY: $1065.00 TO $1043.00

SOY MEAL: $403.00 TO $393.00

SOY OIL: $31.06 TO $30.50



On Thursday oil, heating oil and RB Gas rebounded from the lows. Gas traded mix. It looks like that oil would like to hang around current level before it adopt worst trend. Higher side watch $71.29 level closely…read next week newsletter closely….

Overall last three years this what we stated: So far, short-term trading has provided great returns in the last 18 months after my selling recommendation at $97.00 mid-2014. You must remember what we mentioned two weeks ago: In 2001, we recommended buying oil at $16.78 with the target of $100 and higher. In August 2008, we recommended selling at $145 with the target of $32.00. Once again in 2014 we recommended selling oil at $100 with target of $27.71. I couldn’t ask more from nature.

This is 2018, we don’t see oil going above $71.28 level and on lower side it will hold $57.88 to $53.88 levels.   

Friday astro combination recommendations for oil – One can add more sell in oil, heating oil and RB Gas on higher sides. Buy natural gas on lower sides. 

Friday’s trading range (June 2018 contracts):

OIL: $69.45 to $67.35 June

NATURAL GAS: $2.76 to $2.68

HEATING OIL: $2.1345 TO 2.0875

RB GAS: $2.1105 TO $2.0611



On Thursday most of currencies gained value against USD as predicted. We are sure you must have done very well in currency trading during the last two weeks. On Thursday most of currencies bounced back from the lows as predicted but…

This is what we stated Monday: Last week most of currencies traded sharply lower but Friday some stability came as predicted. Swiss Franc and Pound remained worst performing currencies. Pound came down from our selling level of 1.4375 to 1.3777, it was best trade of recent time. Also, Franc prices crash from 1.1000 to 1.0098, almost 900 pips. Euro and Japanese Yen also crashed more than 400 pips. It looks like that large number of currency traders started following our website.

Emerging market currencies also traded lower, and commodity currencies like Australian and Canadian dollar remained in the negative pattern.

We are recommending booking profit in USD, but don’t short USD because if USD closes above 91.00 level then three to five then we may see 93.78 level very quickly, which means that euro may test 1.1775, Pound 1.3525 and Franc 0.9788 levels. Other currencies like Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and Yen would fall same percentage.  

We still see Emerging market currencies moving in positive directions from the 15 May as predicted.  

We stated three months back and keeping the same recommendations - Great selling in euro around 1.2488 to 1.2555, Pound 1.3988 to 1.4375, Canadian 0.8188, and Australian dollar 0.8098.

In the worst-case scenario, we may see USD testing 88.61 level so remember this and buy USD on weakness as May 2018 onwards a major bull market is starting in USD. Don’t trade with leverage positions in the current time cycle. Dollar won’t fall below 88.61 and 88.31 and will have difficult time to cross 91.00 level at this stage, and Pound is ready to move towards 1.3525, Franc 1.0217, and Euro 1.2021.

Friday astro combination recommendation – Sell more Canadian dollar, Franc and Pound. Trading in and out will be best strategy in most of frontline currencies by selling at higher side level.

Friday’s trading range: June Contract

DOLLAR INDEX – 92.73 to 92.12

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR – 0.7571 to 0.7507

CANADIAN DOLLAR – 0.7818 to 0.7757

BRITISH POUND – 1.3671 to 1.3541 (Spot – 1.3631 to 1.3518

EURO – 1.2082 to 1.1982 (Spot – 1.2041 to 1.1939

JAPANESE YEN – 0.9209 to 0.9141 (Spot – 0.9181 to 0.9122)

USD/Japanese Yen - (Spot – 109.55 to 108.88)

SWISS FRANC – 1.0098 to 1.0023 (Spot – 1.0068 to 0.9995)

USD/Franc - (Spot – 1.0001 to 0.9925)

RUPEE – 66.81 to 66.50 (Spot)

RAND – 12.66 to 12.47 (Spot)


Thanks & God Bless, Mahendra Sharma

4 May 2018, 05.00 AM, Rajasthan, India