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On Monday we recommended booking profit in USA market around higher side and buying back on lower sides, as Tuesday we saw positive momentum. Tuesday also we recommended booking profit on higher side but we are not recommending shorts. From 23rd March since third cycle started we have been recommending trading in and out on short term basis. Finally, in 2018 markets, metals and currencies are moving as per mentioned in the book “2018 Financial Predictions”. Now we are in crucial time cycle as in the month of April as both side volatility is indicating in USA markets. S&P trading ranges will be 2588 on lower side so this is astro support level and 2688 and 2723 will be crucial astro resistance level in the month of April. Financial will start announcing earning from next week which will guide markets but still watch ranges. Month of May will decide whether S&P moving toward 3200 or not.  

Our view is very bullish and let’s see markets moves as predicted or not in 2018. Every sharp rise or fall in the month of April shall be taken as trading opportunity.

Gold has been trading as predicted, lets see whether gold moves above $1357 or not, if it does then we may see $1428 level very quickly.

INDL, YINN, GLD and lithium/Cobalt/electric car rated stocks looks great bet. I am sure you must have already subscribed lithium and cobalt newsletter. It is $171.00 for month.  

Watch $65.88 level for oil, this selling level. In this week newsletter we have tried our best to analyses Third cycle of market and future strategy.

If able to spend $199 or $351 then we highly recommend buying “2018 Financial Predictions”, so far every cycle about market, currencies and metal predictions are coming true as mentioned in this week.
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