Yet, I have to find a person who made fortune and kept building wealth trading short term…only longer-term strategy can build wealth


Dear Members,

Markets, commodities and currencies traded as predicted. As mentioned, commodities will trade negative during this week, but gold shall be in your buying list within the next 36 hours.

From 24th March 2018, a new astro cycle is starting for global equity markets and you must remain alert; read our book carefully because the third cycle is starting from 24th March as per our book “2018 Financial Market Predictions”. This will be the third cycle from the equity market. The first cycle of January was very bullish as mentioned in the book. The second cycle is about to end on 23rd March. In the cycle, we mentioned that the market will try to keep rebounding from the lows so buying was recommended on weakness or on any sharp fall and yes that was proven very right because S&P and global markets rebounded from lows. S&P tested 2551 (recommended buying) and went back to 2795 (recommended closing long), and then two weeks back S&P once again tested the low of 2651 (recommended buying) and again went back to 2798 this week (recommended closing long). Now a crucial time cycle is about to begin from 24 March 2018. Read every cycle of 2018 as mentioned in the book very carefully “2018 Financial Predictions” about the markets, metals, energy and currencies. I am sure you must have bought the 2018 Financial Predictions book.

There are a few are trades and trends that take birth once in decades which create new millionaires and billionaires, like for example 2016/2017 Crypto currency bull market, commodities bull trend from 2001, tech and banking stocks bull trend from 2009, tech bubble in 1996-2000. If anyone can find these trades in advance before they become so big then you can create great wealth. These fortune-making trades normally last for three to five years.

No short-term trading - those who trade for the short term never made money and they eventually lose everything by focusing on short term trading strategy. I always recommend investing 80 top 90% money for the medium and longer term, and 10% for the short term if opportunity arrives.

The astro cycle is one of the tools which can provide these trends far in advance. In the next five years coffee, lithium, cobalt and electric car related technologies, 5G network and many new innovative areas will make money for investors.

I strong recommended buying lithium and cobalt related stocks. If you can afford, then you must subscribe to the lithium, cobalt and electric car related monthly letter at a very reasonable price of $171 Lithium and cobalt and related to these area stocks are listed in USA, Canada, Australian and European and other exchanges so focus on our buying list so create wealth in the next five years.

Disclose – I own small positions in many of lithium, cobalt and electric car/battery related technology stocks.

In Indian market we recommended GOA Carbon (Rs. 95), Graphite India (Rs. 39), HEG, Himadri Sp chem (Rs. 70), Phillip Carbon, and BASF (Rs.575) all these stocks performed amazing well in the last one year. We have been constantly recommending holding these stocks in our Indian letter.

Our view on Indian and Chinese markets is very bullish; a new bull era is starting in both these markets. Don’t short these both markets, they should be in your buying list. INDL and YINN are most favorite etfs from here onward.

Weekly newsletter is great letter which provide longer outlook for all major financial market, and big guys love this letter over two decades. Book is great tools to provide outlook for 2018 for each and every area of financial market and every region of world.   

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma