Dear Members,

Commodities are trading sharply lower, energy and base metals to remain in negative directions. Stay short or in sell positions. Gold will hold $1305 level as predicted and higher side most important resistance will be $1343 and $1357 levels as predicted. New cycle for metals is starting so read "2018 financial predictions" carefully. 

Gold is in our favorite buying list so don’t miss opportunity of buying on weakness on Wednesday and Thursday.

Markets are more volatile and very crucial astro cycle is starting from 18 March 2018, as mentioned in this year book "2018 Financial Predictions". S&P have achieved this week high, and on lower side it shall hold 2651 level under even most uncertain conditions during this week. Read this week newsletter one more time.  

Today and Tomorrow Scorpio Moon which may is bring uncertainty and this uncertainty to continue so trade light or take quick in and out positions. UVXY is great trade against uncertainty, but close long at $24.00 on any sharp rise as this is important level this year for UVXY. Last month also we recommended booking profit in UVXY at $24. $28 and $34 levels. Remain short term trader in UVXY rather than holding positions on either sides. 

Stay away from trading, Scorpio Moon dates are also mentioned in this year book with new moon and full moon.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

March 7, 2018, Santa Barbara 9.47 AM