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UVXY moved up from $9.50 to $34.00 in the few days on fall of market…


Dear Members,

UVXY moved up 140%, and after market close it was still moving up and right now at the time I am writing this update it is trading from $22.50 to $34.50. Market collapsed sharply lower, stay sideline for the next few days for this week but those who has long pocket can start buying market. Uncertainty and volatility may continue till 12th to 15th February 2018, but from here to 15 February one can accumulate Indexes on any sharp weakness. In out “2018 Financial Predictions” book we predicted weakness and uncertainty to come in markets from 21 January to 31 January, but it looks like that I miscalculated for the few more trading days. We can say that negativity could end by tomorrow, and late this week Scorpio Moon so some fear will be there, but we recommend buying on weakness or any sharp fall in markets.

We recommend to close 80% long in UVXY at $34.00 level. I always believed from last years that UVXY is great insurance trade against buying and that proven very right in the last four trading sessions. UVXY moved from $8.20 to $34.00. I loved UVXY last and always recommended to hold positions in this one.

Still lot of traders are unwinding still in market so be aware before you take aggressive buying in market, build small positions on weakness till 15th February.  Lower side in S&P is achieved, in fact it is trading below predicted low of 2018, most of Indexes are trading close our lower side predicted levels in our 2018 Financial Predictions. Here is what we mentioned levels for USA indexes in 2018 in our book, you can see all levels of high and low of 2018 in Index sections of book:

Here are 2018 trading ranges for the USA Indexes:

S&P: 2975 to 2651 (If S&P trades above 2725 for five days then it may test 2848 to 2975, even 3200 is very mush achievable)

NASDAQ: 7575 to 6451 (7575/7888 is possible If Nasdaq closes above 7012 for five days)

RUSSEL 2000: 1707 to 1445 (More 100 could be added if S&P moves toward 3000 to 3200)

DOW Jones: 27,770 to 23,971 (If Nasdaq and S&P moves then Dow would test 30000)

Sharp fall in Bitcoin continue, and still move pain is pending there so don’t touch bitcoin or crypto currency. Our first target of 7000 in bitcoin have achieved so watch this level closely for the next few days. It shouldn’t trade below this level for the five days other wise $6100, and $4350 and $2988 level is possible. Holding $7000 will push Bitcoin bit higher with other crypto related stocks and etf (GBTC, OTIV, DPW, TEUM and LFIN)

Oil prices closed sharply lower, we are expecting fall to continue, yesterday we provided $61.38 level.

Stay away from grains and softs as more volatility or weaker trend will continue.

Dollar is great buy, stay long IN USD as it has been holding 88.21 level.

Thirty Year bond moved higher, get ready to sell on rise during end of this week or around 149-00 level.

S&P, NASDAQ, Dow and Russell closes almost 5% lower, overall US market came down 7% so great time to get in as after this week so buy small positions, don’t take leverage positions. Currently USA market is trading sharply lower in after hours, S&P is around 2550, NASDAQ 6300, Dow is down to 23300 and Russell 1418, these are great level to buy if you believe in my work, because we are expecting market to rebound from here, and these lower level will be history so don’t miss it buy all markets around lower side on Tuesday in Asia and Europe as well as USA right now in electronic sessions.

Stay or hold cash and hold 20% positions in UVXY.

Lithium stocks shall be in your buying list.

We like Indian market, don’t miss buying INDL, put 30% your portfolio in INDL, YINN and Lithium stocks as these are our most favorite area of investment. This year Indian market will have biggest rally so be aware and watch this prediction closely.

Japanese market looks very attractive around 21000 level so wait for it come there with target of 28000 to 32200 this year. After India, and China, Japan looks great buy.

Right now everyone started talking negative about market, and talking longer term bear market to begin. Lets see if market doesn’t recover after 16 February then we won’t recommend buying any positions and we will recommend buying gold and mining stocks and adding more position in Lithium stocks. 

Yesterday we stated that “when trader saw nothing is happening then they start dumping stocks and index positions which created major panic because everyone wanted to exit and we all aware that exit door is just one”.

Crypto currencies are falling hard, we are not recommending any buying. Our view is very negative since early this year, we recommended selling bitcoin from 7 January and till 15 February we are not recommending any buying. Bitcoin can test $7000 very easily or lower, stay away from every crypto at this stage as wait for our buying single. It was perfect recommendation of selling Bitcoin at 20000.

I will be watching every day movements and try to update you regularly.

Yes, volatility is part of the game market shall adopt bullish pattern. Indian market looks one of the best market to buy, INDL is our most favorite trade 2018.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

5 Feb 2018, 3.00 PM Santa Barbara