Dear Members,

XIV is inverse volatility etn is trading at $12.50, buy right now if you can trade in extrended hour market. It was $90.00 when market close and after market close it down by 90% so this is our first recommendation of buying in XIV, we never recommended buying or selling in XIV before but we also heard that it may liquidate so be aware. Yes, UVXY was our favorite and it is our favorite as it is insurance trade. These are very volatile instrument so keep this in mind before you put money. 

Close long in UVXY at $34.00 is recommended, it tested $35.00. It moved 240% in the last five trading days, we closed yesterday first long at $23.00 and rest we are selling at $34.00 in extended hours.  

Currently Dow is trading at 23350 or 550 point lower in electronic sessions, S&P is around at 2550 and Nasdaq 6320. Great opportunity to buy all tehse because tomorrow market will turn around as predicted.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

2.30 PM, 5 Feb 2018