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On Monday USD dollar recovered as expected on very important astro combinations day which is good sign for USD. Market held value on Monday, I am talking about USA market because it has been leader so which confirms that market will adopt bullish pattern in 2018, but let’s wait for another two trading days. Tuesday which is today is most crucial day for the USA market so let’s watch how it perform.

Grains and softs traded negative as predicted, stay sideline in grains.

Oil remained firm but heating oil, RB Gas and natural gas remained sideways.

Metals traded both sides, base metals still held value.

Thirty Year bond traded mix.

Most of emerging market currencies lost big value.

On Tuesday:

Base metals will lose value

Heating oil, RB GAS shall in your aggressive selling list as sharp fall is coming

Oil is holding $61.38 level which is positive sign but it need to hold more three days for new bullish directions till $65.55. Most of Currencies also traded as predicted and dollar will gain further value.

Precious metals will remain in the mix directions to negative

USA market traded positive which confirms that bullish trend is to most of market to continue, If USA market give positive trend then we expect market to hold value without any weakness. Emerging market like India may adopt short term bullish pattern.

Bitcoin lost value as expected on Monday, our view is negative for crypto currencies from 7th January, but major weakness already came in December. At this stage we are not recommending any buying in Crypto. OTIV and DPW only these two stocks are recommended to buy, so one can buy today.

Lithium stocks performed well, LTUM performed very well, stay long in most of recommended lithium stocks.

This is what we stated yesterday: If the markets still hold value on Monday and Tuesday then S&P could easily test 2975 to 3025 in the next few months. If on Monday and Tuesday the markets hold value, then we should buy short term call options of March expiry, so let’s see whether the negative astro combinations are able to hit the market or not.

So far in 2017 none of the negative astro combinations were able to pull down the markets trend, which clearly indicated that some external power is supporting the markets with money flow.  

Today (Saturday) Mercury will move out of Scorpio and will join the Sun, Saturn, and Venus in the house of Sagittarius. This combination will be either very bullish for the market, or very bearish for the market. Monday and Tuesday will decide the future coming trend. 

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