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Wednesdays Daily Flashnews (Unedited report)

Watch gold prices as it is getting ready to move multiyear high

Close 50% UVXY and buy TEUM



Dear Members,

The first day of 2018 remained very volatile and it looks like globally the markets have decided to move in their own direction. Most of the Asian markets traded higher, but the Indian market struggled. Most of the European markets traded lower when the USA market moved higher. Globally the markets behavior pattern looks very uncertain even though the USA market is going higher.

Commodities traded mixed but precious metals are showing a real shine. Our view on precious metals has been positive and is now turning more positive. Gold can move aggressively higher in the coming time, and gold prices can surprise everyone. Coffee is another one of our favorite commodities and it performed well during the last five trading sessions.

Thirty Year Bond went down sharply lower with Dollar Index.

Most of the currencies gained against USD. Dollar may test 90.78, the level it rebounded from two months ago, but dollar still looks like our favorite currency in 2018.

Globally the market will face a testing time after Friday this week. I am not recommending any buying in the market at this stage. On the higher side the US market can move 1% higher, but there is a significantly larger lower side coming from next week so get ready.

PARETEUM CORP (AMEX:TEUM) Stock ChartThe energy market traded mixed but remain alert as we are close to a top.

Base metals made a top yesterday, and they may make another top in the next 48 hours before they collapse.

I feel good, and am focused on the astro cycle so now get ready to take 100% bets as per our theory.

Crypto currencies traded positively, TEUM and DPW traded sharply higher. I am recommending to buying TEUM and DPW. TEUM is our favorite trade. It moved 30% yesterday, and I expect it move 500% to 1000% in a few month’s so one can sell half of your positions in UVXY and buy TEUM.

Yesterday lithium stocks moved sharply higher, I am sure you are invested in this sector. If not then put money in this sector without fear. Yesterday many stocks moved 10 to 30% higher. LIT also made a big move. In Indian also related to same sector our recommended stocks went higher more than 700% in the last six months, and these stocks were Graphite Ind, Goa Carbon, Himadri Spec chem, and HEG. Also other favorite like High energy batt and Camlin fin

This is what we started yesterday: At this stage there are a few things happening which should be monitored closely. Gold closed above $1298, coffee held $118, and closed above $122, oil is very close to $61.38, and dollar is heading towards 91.51. On the other hand, S&P traded negatively on Friday, and our negative trading pattern date is very close, and is starting from the middle of this week.

Overall 2017 was a mixed year for grains and softs. Energy and base/precious metals performed well, and stock markets provided huge returns.

One of our members Jeff stated that 2017 was his worst trading year after having great years, and he hopes that during 2018 I will be able to provide the right path. Yes, I will try my best because if I keep coming wrong then I will not only lose members, but I will also lose my reputation. 2017 was one of the worst years in my predicting career because over the last two decades traders made a fortune following our advice, but during 2017 they suffered following our view. 

Many will be back from holidays by this weekend, so this week will be a light trading week. I will try to finish my book in the next two weeks.

On Tuesday we see the markets trading mixed, but surely profit booking will continue dominating the European and US markets. We expected S&P to test 2625 first and that shall take place by the second week of January.   

Gold and Silver are surely giving signs of recovery, and so far, they held value around the lower side as predicted. Now, if gold closes above $1298 for three days then expect the gold bull market to start, and this move can support silver and platinum. Our view is now turning very bearish for base metals and energy over the next few days so watch them closely.

I am adding crypto currencies from to the Daily Flashnews and Weekly Newsletter from the middle of this week ONCE I REACH Mumbai.

Here is a small note on crypto: Last month I stated that bitcoin will fall from the 7th of January but already it corrected so, if bitcoin and crypto’s don’t fall between the 7th and 11th of January then a new bull era in crypto currencies will be born. I have finish studying Crypto’s, so surely our members must get ready to trade all crypto currencies as per our time cycle.

Last week we mentioned a few stocks that are listed on the US exchanges:  A few more stocks related to crypto currencies are out there and they are Pareteum Corp (TEUM), Digital power (DPW), and (ARSC). These are networking and AI related which could be taken into the crypto currency area. 

OSTK – Overstock CEO is supporting and Investing in blockchain. The stock has been soaring over the last six months from $14.00 to $62.00. I am not recommending investing at this stage, but watch this stock as the coming time will be interesting.

OTIV – It is a non-cash dealing company, and is entering to deal with bitcoin. The stock soared but we are not recommending buying at this stage. Surely you can track this one as well.

Watch a few symbols closely like GBTC, LFIN, CRCW, and BIOP. CRCW has been suspended from trading but will start trading on the 3rd of January. Trade any of these products with your own risk. I own a small quantity of LFIN

Watch closely this week:

Energy and base metals will make a top from the middle of this week.

Weakness in the European equity market will continue and after the 5th of January the market can start a big downwards journey.

A great opportunity to buy USD is on the way from the middle of this week

Precious metals are at a very important juncture, and can blow on the upside toward multi-year high. Gold may test $1509 or $1695 so follow our letter closely. Coffee will along with gold.

This is what we stated on 1 December: Frontline lithium stocks traded negative for mid-cap and small cap were in demand. LTUM remained in demand (we recommended buying at $0.08) and it will keep moving higher in coming. Let’s see whether it tests $0.65 level during this week or not, we are expecting it test $1.18 level.

This is what we stated on Monday: S&P closed at 2581, it can move or test 2723. IF THE MARKET DOESN’T FALL BY NEXT WEEK and market may test 2723 level but I don’t think S&P can test 3200 level which was predicted in 2009 because now overall the astro cycle has turned negative for the markets for the longer term. Next aggressive selling level will be at 2700 if market keep moving higher. The day it gives signs of weakness will be the day to jump and go all in with longer term bear bets on the market. S&P will not only test 1818 but it will test 1557.

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