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Here is small part from Fridays flashnews:

On Monday 20 November, and this date new cycle is starting which is showing negativity…


Dear Members,

On Thursday markets traded very positive on expectations on house clearing TAX bill and that got clear. Now next important things to present and passing it in Senate which will be very challenging. Many are expectation it to pass by end of December but time turning is not positive from next week so let’s see what happens.

Emerging market etfs gained value sharply higher from lower levels, bear market etfs lost value and stocks were gaining value like Tax bill is done but reality is still very far. As predicted we expected something nasty to happen any time after 20 November so next week is that day.

On Thursday rest of commodities trade mix, dollar remained in mix zone but lost some value against emerging market currencies as predicted. Thirty Year bond lost value after big move in stocks. Once again UVXY traded below $16.61, we have been saying that it must hold above this level, so lets see whether it trades above this level during next week or not. We see uncertain next week so it shall bounce back.

Today, USA markets are trading sharply higher on expectations of Tax bill to pass in house. In this week newsletter and in Thursdays flashnews we stated that on Thursday selling is recommended in USA market on higher side and adding more aggressive sell positions on Friday. Buying put options of next week first week of December shall provide nice returns because between 20 November to 11 December I see some bad news hitting equity market and hurting very badly to investors so be aware. Very negative time for market will start from Monday of next week.

UVXY trading sharply lower today, but we are expecting huge volatility to come back from 20 November so great time to buy UVXY or add more positions in UVXY, or put options in SPY, QQQ and in futures Indexes. As per astro combinations UVXY won’t able to remain below $16.00 at this stage, great buy around $16.00 or below $16.00.

Last week we recommended buying a penny stock LTUM around $0.09. It is trading around 0.15, we predicted that it may move in multi folds so, one can add this one. I hate to recommend penny stock’s but it is in our favorite list like in 2001/2 we were recommending buying all major penny mining stocks in gold/silver (Many of metal mining stock moved even in 50 to 100 folds). Lately we have also recommended many lithium stocks to stay long as that is our most favorite sector.

In yesterday’s stock report we mentioned: LTUM moved sharply higher since we recommended, I disclosed that I own positions in it. I hate to write about penny stocks but some in the past we made big money in penny stocks. In end of 2012 we recommended buying FMCC and FMNA when these were trading between $0.20 to $0.30, and within the few months of early 2013 both these stocks reached in multi fold, and eventually within the year these both stocks reached $6.00. In 2012/13, buying recommendations in Apple, AVGO, Tesla, AMZN, PLUG, FCEL, most of semi’s, banking stocks, VISA, MA made fortune to many. I know that I am going through some rough patch, but I will bounce strongly because market will top out by this Friday (17, November 2017).

Wait for my next indications to buying back FMCC and FNMA. We want to make at least 500% percent return in these two stocks in coming time as my next target will be $23.00.

Gold, silver and platinum is in our buying list from Thursday so stay long and oil may test $61.37 level watch carefully.

This is small part from this week newsletter: These two hidden reasons can pay negative role to push market lower: This week there is nothing negative in astro chart so we can’t recommend selling the market but later this week some great selling opportunity was indicated in our weekly letter due to some geo political tensions in the middle-east. I also see a natural disaster taking place in California or Japan, it will be an earthquake. A few months ago we predicted that the astro charts are showing some kind unusual astro combinations which could result in an earthquake on the USA coast or Japan.

Earthquake: I was very young and was able to predict the earthquake in USA, San Francisco in 1989 and after than Japan, Kobe earthquake of 1995. I am currently worried about the astro cycle which can bring a major earthquake between San Francisco and LA and Japan. This could be devastating but the bull can see any disaster as positive news for the market because market feel that after war or natural disaster economy always improves. I don’t see this news as positive news for market. The North Node is moving throughs 25 and 24 degree of Cancer which is not good news as the North Node holds the power of gravity. For the next two weeks starting from Friday the 20th of November could be dangerous. Once the North Node moves out from 24 degrees then it is a safe time. Japan is coming in our earthquake list from next week onwards because the astro cycles are turning very negative towards natural disaster and at this stage most of the planets are indicating earthquakes. We predict that in the next 11 months a few dangerous earthquakes will take place on our planet. We can rebuild any structural damage but won’t be able to replace human loss of life.

This is what we stated on Monday: S&P closed at 2581, it can move or test 2723. IF THE MARKET DOESN’T FALL BY NEXT WEEK, I don’t think S&P can't test 3200 because overall the astro cycle has turned negative for the markets for the longer term. Next aggressive selling level will be at 2700 if market keep moving higher. The day it gives signs of weakness will be the day to jump and go all in with longer term bear bets on the market. S&P will not only test 1818 but it will test 1557.  

·        Gold held $1263 but is struggling to gain value. Higher side hold will test $1298, and once it start trading above $1298 then we may see $1355 level very quickly and silver will hold $16.75 and higher side we will see $17.45 level and then $17.75. Copper came down from higher levels of $315.80, and palladium at $988. If Palladium hold $988 for the three days, then it can test a maximum high of $1059 level but at this stage it looks difficult to remain above $988. More than a 30% correction is on the way in most of the base metals.

·        If oil closed above the $49.88 astro support level which is a positive sign. If oil closes above $53.78 for three days, then a new trend can develop in oil which can push oil towards $61.98 within the next two weeks.

·        Thirty Year traded above 152 which a bit positive sign and higher side 155 level will be great selling for the short period. Trading in and out will remain the best strategy at this stage rather than taking any side trades. 

·        S&P has been holding above 2575 which is a positive sign. Closing below $2575 will be negative news. Closing above 2575 for five days may push it towards 2597 to 2617. NASDAQ can move towards 6357 if it remained above 6188 for three days. Russell will still struggle to move above 1515.

·        Pound will have a major astro support at 1.2725, and on the higher side, 1.3378. Euro will have strong support at 1.1575 once it starts trading below 1.2025.

·        Dollar Index struggled to move above 94.65, if it trades above this level then it will move towards 96.55. Now the major support is $93.51. USD bounced back strongly as predicted from 91.00, it was a strong buying recommendation at 91.00 which proved prudent.   

·        The major astro support for coffee is at $122, sugar $14.01, and cotton at $64.68. In the worst-case scenario coffee may test $118 or even lower if it closes below $122, but a longer term bullish astro cycle is about to begin.

·        Soy oil has had a major astro support at $32.11, and resistance at $35.11. Selling is recommended at $34.88.

·        We have been stating that Corn will hold $340, Wheat $421, Soy $952, and Meal $305. On the higher side, the astro resistance level for wheat will be $525, Corn $388 to $433, and Soy at $988, $1038 to $1059.

·        Orange Juice will have a major support at $118… a must-buy. Cocoa must be in your buying list at $1800. Lumber will fail to move above $480, cocoa $2259 levels.  


Here are the trading strategies and ranges for Friday:  


On Thursday metals traded in the narrow ranges without any clear move. Gold, silver and platinum holding value. Base metals started losing small value. Metal stocks remained in the mix trading pattern DUST traded in the thirty cents.

On Friday we are recommending buying gold, silver and platinum around lower side level mentioned here below as I see either metal gaining after 9.30 AM NY time or gaining or from next week so buy and carry positions in precious metals. Base metals will trade mix, avoid any buying in zinc, copper, lead, nickel and palladium. Gold will hold $1263 and silver $16.75 level now as predicted.

This is what we stated Tuesday: We are still recommending metal investors to hold gold until it holds $1263 level and we may see $1298 level this week. Once it starts trading above $1298 then we may see gold going toward $1363 level very quickly. Only aggressive buying is recommended in gold once it start trading above $1298. Stay long in silver and platinum.

Base metals prices crash today, stay short in base metals, don’t buy base metals at any level, we still see 30% crash in prices from current level. Wednesday will negative day for base metals so selling is recommended on higher sides.

This is what we stated on last week Tuesday: Gold is still holding $1263 which is good news for buyers or gold lovers. This is a bullish sign. One can buy it around the lower side on a daily basis from later today until gold holds $1263. On the higher side one must watch $1288 and $1298.  

On Wednesday we are recommending trading in and out, we are not recommending any aggressive buying but wait for Thursdays flashnews. Read our weekly newsletter very carefully. Silver and platinum will follow gold. Our view on Platinum has been very bearish since 2008, we recommended selling it at $2100 and we saw it trading negatively for the next ten years. Now we see it is bottoming. Jupiter is in Libra and this may help platinum prices, so the lower side is limited. Watch platinum closely. If gold is valued at $1263 then buy platinum later in this week.  

Platinum will be a great buy against selling base metals.

Base metal prices crashed today, and we are recommending adding more short positions in base metals like copper, Nickel, lead, and Zinc. Palladium may trade mixed on Wednesday, but we are not recommending any buying, our view is to sell palladium. 

DUST came down, so stay on the sidelines for the next few days. Watch $25.00 as it will hold this level. It is an important astro support point.

Palladium may hold value. Prices may test $1059 on the higher side before it collapses. One can hold shorts or get ready to add more positions on any rise. The maximum high could be $1059 if some speculative buying comes into play but that will be one of the best levels to sell palladium. Copper, failed to trade above $315.75 as predicted. Zinc is also failing to close above 3300 in the LME, so sell all the base metals.

Friday astro combination recommendation – Buy more precious metals around lower sides and carry for the next week and sell more base metals.

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