Weekly Newsletter from 30 – 3 November 2017

Tuesday will be very Crucial, on Tuesday evening I will write important note


Dear Members,

On Friday base metals lost value as predicted. Dollar remained firm against Euro and the other frontline currencies. Last week our Dollar prediction did very well, and now I am sure that base metals will fall sharply as predicted. Gold is holding $1263 level, it even bounced back yesterday from our predicted important support level of $1263. Thirty Year bond traded negatively, and emerging market currencies recovered from lows. Grains and softs traded in a mixed direction, but coffee recovered sharply from the lows of $122/123 as predicted. Oil turned very positive during last week and achieved our higher side predicted level of $53.78. The markets gained value, and the USA and European market went up sharply higher. AMZN, MSFT, and Google was responsible for the yesterday’s big move in NASDAQ.

My predictions of a crash in the market failed miserably which is sad as well as bad for my theory and reputation. On the other hand most of the other areas like currencies, energy, grains, softs, and metals are on the right path. Even though there are a final two trading days pending in the bear market cycle, it seems like both these negative days won’t be able to help the bears much.

It is sad to see that I was one of the most bullish people on the equity market since the 6th of March 2009 TO 2016 but since early this year I failed miserably to give the correct guidance on the USA equity market.

Let me tell you honestly; my view would have also turned very bearish on the market from the middle of July even if Hillary Clinton would have won the election, so I have no regret as far as that goes. Many think that I changed my prediction after Trump won the election, and although that is partial true, what I was saw from the middle of July to the end of October was purely based on the astro cycle. It had nothing to with Trump or Hillary. This prediction about the crash in the global equity was also mentioned in my book 2017 Financial predictions.

It is very strange that the markets keep moving higher every single day during the worst astro cycle, and this is something that I can’t digest, I look at the astro cycle combinations every single day and they still keep showing the worst time cycle for the market, but the markets are ignoring them and I don’t know why this is happening. I don’t know any other theory, I don’t want to change my prediction because this is what was showing so I have to go with the astro cycle and the wave of nature.

It has been disaster for most of my members and I heartily apologize for that. I can’t undo what has happened, but in future we will make 10 to 100 times what we lost. At this stage, I recommend staying on the sidelines without making any decision on market on my recommendations from here onwards, but surely watch the market closely. This Tuesday will be interesting.

In our book we predicted that the market will remain in a positive direction from November so let’s wait and stay on the sideline.

It is true: My members always lost money whenever I traveled India, in bullish predictions the markets used to fall during my trip to India, and now that I am so bearish, the markets are rising while I am in India. It is just a coincidence that the market moves in the opposite direction of what I say while I am in India. There is an astro reason behind this and my Grandfather told me that I will remain very happy and successful outside of India, he also predicted that I will live my life away from my birth country. The reason was Saturn. In my birth chart Saturn is in the 4th house and the owner of the 4th house, Jupiter is in the eight house. The 4th house represents ones place of birth or mother land so it keeps you away from your place of birth or give some uncertainty if one stays in their place of birth.

I predicted a great crash in Tech stocks in early 2000. Tech stocks were moving higher while I was on my trip to India in early 2000, but as soon as I went back to Nairobi tech stocks crashed. In 2016 I was here in July and August, the market crashed sharply, and gold went higher after the news of the Chinese Yuan devaluing.

In 2011 I was in India, and a Tsunami hit Japan. I was very bullish on Uranium stocks, traders were making a fortune, but overnight uranium stocks crashed, and they went down more than 50% in a week. Every time I land in this country, I feel stressed and my prediction always goes wrong. Whenever I am in India, my members lose money and I watch this every year. Now, the good news is that I will be taking a flight and reaching the US on Monday so I am hoping that everything turns in favor of all my members.

In 1929, as per my astro research, the negative astro time cycle started from 18 June 1929, and the market started giving the first signs of a fall on the 20th of September 1929, but the major fall actually started occurring from 25 October 1929. The market made new highs in 1955, it took the market almost 26 years recover. The same kind of situation is developing with the current astro cycle and I am very worried about the global markets and investors. 

Currently, I don’t see the world economy in a great spot. The markets are rising so the real economic news is not coming in the limelight. My predictions of a fall have failed, but I am still not recommending any buying, but surely one can stay on the sideline without taking any more short positions.

If the market doesn’t give any sign of correction on Tuesday, 31st Oct, then one should stay on the sidelines until the market really starts crashing, because once it does then it will not recover for many years or the markets may remain in a bear cycle for decades.

Bulls (Governments, central banks, banks, and financial institutions) are playing the most dangerous game with the financial markets and investors. No government is really planning to grow their economy, they are just in a race to create an asset bubble at the wrong time. The Astro cycle and the wave of nature are indicating a dangerous situation in the financial markets. In 1987, 2000, and 2008 the markets rebounded very quickly from a sharp fall but this time that won’t be the case. Whenever the market moved higher during a negative astro combination, that always brought one of the worst crashes. I recommended closing all long positions in gold around $1750/$1800 because a negative time cycle has already started but gold moved towards $1935 and then crashed, and is now still trading around $1270. We recommended selling Silver at $43.00, it tested $50 which was the predicted target, and is now trading around $17.00, and oil selling recommended at $110, it went to $145 but is now trading around $53.60.

On Friday, S&P closed at 2581, it can move or test 2723. IF THE MARKET DOESN’T FALL BY NEXT WEEK, I don’t think S&P can test 3200 or 2723 because overall the astro cycle has turned negative for the markets for the longer term. Next aggressive selling level will be at 2700 if market keep moving higher. The day it gives signs of weakness will be the day to jump and go all in with longer term bear bets on the market. S&P will not only test 1818 but it will test 1557.

This week FED will be meeting for rate decisions, Fed don’t hike rate but will indicates hike rate Fed will indicates rate hike and will keep talking about trimming balance sheet.


Tuesdays update will be late because my flight will reach in the evening.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma