Wednesday's Daily Stock Investment report

Saturn is changing house in 24 hours…UVXY closed in green which is a great sign

Dear Members,

In my prediction theory, Saturn is a key number one planet which guides me about the future trend of all financial markets, and after that it’s the North-node and Jupiter. Mars is always responsible for volatility. Saturn always guides about the future coming trend. We still believe that market can fall 5% or more between Wednesday to next week Tuesday (26 Oct to 31 Oct).

Another five trading days are pending are still I have very much hope of sharp corrections in these four days in all major markets. Today will be the best day to make final short bet on all major markets. Emerging markets are in danger of collapse from Thursday, USA and European market will trade negative from Wednesday. Indian market looks very negative from Thursday and may have free fall. Read our weekly newsletter carefully, and read todays Flashnews carefully.

It looks like today will be the final day when all major markets will be trying to hold value but let’s wait to see what happens in the next five trading days. We are still expecting huge corrections taking place in the next five trading sessions.

Yesterday, Dow rallies around 200 points but the rest of the Indexes were struggling. Chipotle announced earnings and the stock tanked big. Most of the recommended earning stocks in yesterday’s stocks earning list performed as per our predictions. This week and next week the key tech stocks will be announcing earnings and they could bring huge momentum on the down side so watch carefully. Tomorrow Amazon, Google, Intel, Microsoft will be announcing earnings, so it’s time to make money in taking short term bets. 

On Tuesday most markets gained value, USA market opened higher, especially DOW, which traded higher on CAT earning. We expected CAT to move higher in our earnings report. The rest of the Indexes were struggling to follow DOW which is a very dangerous sign.

On Wednesday we are recommending adding sell positions on the higher side and adding more sell positions on Thursday without any fear.

On Wednesday all major markets will come down from the higher side. Japanese Market will make a top today, USA market already made its top so from here onwards is only a downwards journey and emerging markets will just have a free fall.

I still believe that between from Wednesday to next week Tuesday we may see 5% fall in the markets, so lets wait and watch. If markets fall sharply lower as predicted, then we may see huge corrections on the way. If markets fall by 31st Oct, then we may continue to hold our crash predictions.

If market continue to move higher till 31 Oct (Chances of this happening is 0.5%), then we may not recommend adding any new shorts in the market.

UVXY closed higher on Tuesday which is great sign.

I will send the stock earning report card in the next few hours for Wednesday and Thursday so you can take your bets accordingly.

This small part from today morning USA stock report which was sent at 9 AM Indian standard time.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma