Dear Members,

I decided to put here first sections of this week weekly newsletter.

Last week was a tough and volatile one as the markets went down globally on Tuesday when the news broke out about the North Korean missile firing over the northern part of Japan. The Asian and European markets went down due to USA futures showing a negative move, but as soon as the USA markets opened, the markets recovered, and throughout last week gained value handsomely. Most of the USA Indexes came back towards last month’s higher ranges. In fact, Nasdaq tested an all-time high on Friday. Since last three months USA market have trading around same levels. Many European markets are way below all-time high.

One of our members sent an email stating: “Mahendra, it looks like all the forces are ganging up together and are going against you completely”. I can’t disagree more with him at this stage because things are not going the way I saw them going. I have still not lost hope because there are another 55 days pending, and anything can happen. In my 35 years of doing astrology, I have learnt one thing, and that is “to trust the astro cycles till the last day”. Yes, I will accept my defeat on the 30th of October if the market remains higher. I can’t be that wrong because the planets are giving a clear sign of a great fall between mid-July to October 2017. The planets can’t be wrong as their direction is decided; this whole solar system is an integral part of nature.

This year so far, I have other markets like Energy, Currencies, Dollar, Grains, Softs, and Bond markets trends very accurately as predicted. However, I am struggling with the Stock Markets trend because I saw a collapse in the equity markets any time from July onwards, so I was reluctant to recommend any buying in stocks and indexes. Don’t forget that since 6th March 2009, I have been recommending buying stocks till Trump Victory.

I am also surprised with the market’s behavior pattern. Maybe some of the big people in the FED are keeping this market artificially higher, but one thing we must remember is that nothing can work against nature.

This was the day that I came into this world. I don’t know how many times I have been reborn because we humans don’t have enough power to recall the memories our previous lives. If we could, we would just take our all our memories and visions with us when we depart from here. It is just a number, but I turned 50 today. My journey started in a small village of 200 people, in a remote area of Rajasthan (India). I spent 15 years in the village before moving to Mumbai. After that, at the age of 23 I moved to Kenya in Africa; and at age 36 I settled in Santa Barbara. Most of my life has been spent researching the astro cycles, and I found an amazing hidden combination that influenced humans and their behavior pattern. All my thanks and gratitude goes to my maternal Grand Father because it was his guidance that lead me to my discovery. From the fall of the USSR, Princess Diana’s death, 9/11, and hundreds of other geo-political and financial predictions, nature has provided me and brought me to where I am today. Let me reveal that my sixth sense has helped me with all my predictions.

I have tasted failures a few times in my astro study; in 2007, I recommended closing all longs in oil around $100 three months in advance, and recommended selling oil around at $108 with the target of $30.00. Oil went up to $145 before it collapsed. It was very hard for many people to hold shorts in oil, and many lost their faith in me about great crash in oil, so that was a difficult period for me and a few of my members who sold oil around $108 in 2007.

Last year, gold predictions didn’t match what I predicted, so once again, I tasted failure there as well. I am same person who predicted gold to reach $1800 when it was at $272. This year, I predicted base metals would collapse by 30%, but they have been rising, so this is one of the worst predictions I made in 2017.

The last one is the crash of 2017 in the equity market between Mid-July to October, which so far has been 100% wrong because the markets have been trading higher and holding value. If the market doesn’t fall, then this will be one of the worst predictions that I have ever made in my career along with the fall of base metals. Just 55 days are left, and if market doesn’t fall, then I am ready to take all the criticism from everyone.

The astro cycles and the wave of nature has provided me with hundreds of great predictions on every major move in the markets, commodities, and currencies, so I won’t leave this subject, but I am going to go somewhere in search of the truth. Yes, the planets also affect me so whenever my time cycle is bad, they impact my work, reputation, thinking power, as well as my studies because I am also a human being and I also get good and bad astro cycles in my life’s journey.

Today on this special day of turning 50, I ask for your forgiveness if you have had losses because of me, I ask for your forgiveness if I ever hurt you or your sentiments knowingly or unknowingly because many of you have been my members for the last two decades.

I remained very close to the political world and many great leaders, and so far, I feel that I have advised them honestly, and many of them have done great work. Many of the decisions I provided to them played a great role in the world of politics. 

Once again, thank you all for becoming a part of my daily life. Many of you get upset when my predictions are wrong, and you have the right to feel this way because that reminds me that I am not perfect in my work, and that there’s room for improvement. 

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma