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Ignore experts those saying negative for S&P as we see biggest bull market of all time is on the way...14 Dec 2011. Yen crash is coming..predicted in Oct 2012...Oil could fall toward $30 and dollar Index could rise 90.00 to 98.00..Predicted July 2014..India Nifty touched 7800 and next target is 9165 predicted Nov 2016.. S&P would start falling from 2407 level or bear market to start from 8 April 2017 predicted on 21 Feb 2017...Mahendra Sharma
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28% fall in markets is coming and when? gold is forming bottom after five years?..small part of this weeks weekly newsletter...

Monday’s Daily Flashnews (Unedited copy)

Putting here this week’s weekly’s first part - Read first sections of this week newsletter very carefully word by word


Dear Members,

Once again this is a crucial letter. I have received more than 800 emails between Thursday and Friday evening and it is very difficult to distinguish which emails are coming from subscribers, and which ones are just from visitors of our website; so, if you are a subscriber and are sending emails then please write “From Member” in the subject box so that I can take out some time and read your query. Even if I don’t reply to you specifically, I will make sure that your query is answered in the weekly or daily letter because there are many great questions, and the answers to these questions can help all members; and furthermore, many members are asking the same or similar questions, so this is a more effective way of replying to everyone who asked a question, that is beneficial for those who didn’t.

Of course, there was a strong reason behind receiving so many emails, and that is because my predictions were completely opposite to the way that the market behaved last week. At this stage it looks like I have either 100% lost touch with the astro cycle, or I am making the biggest mistake in reading the astro chart. I never feel ashamed to admit my mistake, and I always apologize whenever I am wrong, or if I incorrectly time my predictions. Yes, at this stage I am wrong and I apologize for that, but we have to remember that October is not yet over. We have just entered a negative astro cycle last week, so let’s wait till October and see how this market acts.

Out of the few emails that I read, one of our members asked me a very interesting question, and the question was, “Mahendra! You have predicted a crash in the market from the 12th of July to the 29th of October. Would you have made the same prediction even if Hillary Clinton would have won the USA election?” What a great question!

My answer: Yes, this is the worst astro cycle for market, this cycle has nothing to do with Trump or Hillary. We predicted this fall to start any time after the 12th of July, and the cycle will take a hurricanes shape by the 12th to 17th of August 2017. Yes, I was only this precise about the date a few other times. In 2001 with the bottoming of gold and the fall of dollar; the second time with a fall in oil prices any time after the 15th of August 2008; and lastly the bottoming of the USA market around the 6th of March 2009.

Once again in 2017 I am predicting a specific date - In 1999 I just predicted that people should get out from tech stocks by December 1999 because I saw a huge crash in the tech sector in 2000, but I never predicted the exact date of the crash. In 2007, we predicted a crash in stocks, housing, and the collapse of a few banks; but I never predicted the exact date. Both the previous crash predictions came true, but I never predicted the exact crash date. Yes, I recommended investors to cash in, in December 1999 and cash-in, in July 2007.

Yes, I have been recommending to cash-in your investments, but this time when I was reading the astro chart in September 2016, when I started writing the 2017 book, I saw a very unusually dangerous astro combination, so I decided to predict that the market would fall more than 25% between the 12th of August to the 29th of October, because we saw this cycle so clearly, it was like looking in a mirror, and so we published what we saw in the, “2017 Financial predictions” book. I never made such a specific prediction in the past, with exact dates, so I will wait till the 29th of October 2017. There is no doubt that I will lose the trust of some of my members if the markets keep moving higher from August to October.

Last week the markets move surprised me, but these kinds of moves come sometimes during the early phase of any major cycle change. The markets are moving higher, shorts sellers are cutting positions, and no one has the guts to short this market because any negative news from the political front has pushed the markets higher in the last six months. The time will come when investors will just be waiting for any negative news to buy the markets because that’s what will be set in investors brains and in their strategy.

I told a short story in 2008 before the oil crash, and I would like to repeat that story here: There was a small village next to a river. During one rainy session, the first rains came and a young boy felt that his village would be washed away, so he shouted throughout that village, saying that it will be washed away by the river, and insisted on the villagers climbing to higher altitude. Everyone listened to his advice and climbed but nothing happened to village. The river water didn’t come into the village, and many said that there was no reason to go to higher altitude as the village had been there for over a century, and the river had never been able to damaged the village. After a few week’s there was a heavy rain, and again the small buy started shouting to the villagers to climb to higher altitude, and this time only a few people decided to follow the small boy; and once again the water never entered the village. Everyone so got angry at the boy and warned him not to shout ever again. Heavy rains started once again after a week and the boy shouted to climb to higher altitude once again, but everyone in the village ignored him, however this time the water entered the village so rapidly that it destroyed the whole village and took everyone away.

I am not trying to insinuate that I am that little boy, but we have to take bets on what the astro cycle indicates. At this stage the astro cycles are showing that a major fall in the market could start any time. We predicted that it would happen on the 12th of July, but our view is most negative during August. This oncoming fall can be like that river which may take everything away.

The Astro combinations are still showing a major fall in the equity market from August, and this time the cycle has started from the 7th of July 2017. The first date of negativity increasing was the 12th of July. The next one is on the 17 of July; third one on the 31st of July; fourth one on the 4th of August; sixth one on the 9th of August; and the final date will be the 15th of August, and that will be when the astro cycle will open its mouth, and everything will get sucked in like into a black hole. So, if you feel that I will be wrong and you don’t want to short the market anymore, that’s fine with me, but I don’t recommend any investments or buying in the market at this stage at all. I still recommend cashing in your investments if you still have any.

November 2017 will be a crucial month. We will either recommend investing 100% in the market, or we will recommend staying away from the markets for another three to seven years. I would like to see whether the USA and European market fall 30% by the end of October or not. I started creating the astro theory in 1987, and was successful in predicting the markets trend from 1995/96, and I have never been wrong about the longer-term outlook since then. Yes, I have been wrong on short term predictions a few times.

Last week oil, metals, grains, softs, bonds, and currencies traded as predicted, only the equity market went in the opposite of what we saw. US Dollar lost value as predicted from higher levels; metals traded on both sides as predicted; grains remained very volatile and lost value sharply from the higher levels. Thirty Year bond traded mixed to negative; and the energy prices gained more than 5%. Globally the equity market gained value, and the USA and Indian market hit an all-time high. This week is very crucial for precious metals, either short term bear market could end here or if metals fails to rise than bear market continue, so let’s see what this week’s newsletter indicates for metals, markets, currencies, energy, commodities, and Bonds.

Important note: Traders just want to think about what I am predicting currently. They don’t want to see or remember what we stated over the last 20 years in every area of the market like currencies, commodities, stock markets, and Bonds. I was extremely bullish for the equity market in 2009 and 2011, and remained very bullish till 2016. Yes, short term volatility is creating doubt on my predictions of a fall in the stock market from Mid-July to October 2017. It has only been a week, and I have already received over a 1000 emails stating that I am wrong. I have been very clearly stating that the market will fall from Mid-July to October. Yes, I made this prediction in January. I wish I wouldn’t have disclosed this prediction until the last week of the bull run. Let October get over and then we will pick up this conversation in November 2017.

Traders and investors are so impatient and here are some example’s because they have been pushing hard:

In December 1999, we recommended closing 100% positions in the market and tech stocks. We also stated that the tech market would crash and the bubble would burst. In early 2000 tech stocks went higher, many stated that they missed the greatest money-making opportunity. Those comments were painful and made me nervous and I had several sleepless nights. The same few people couldn’t stop appreciating me in in 2000 July, while a few others lost fortunes because they went against the astro cycle.

In 2008 March, our view was very negative on Euro and most of the currencies as well as commodities like oil, metals, grains, and softs. We recommended buying puts in Euro, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Pound, Franc, Oil, Gold, wheat, soy, corn, silver, copper, and Palladium. They all collapsed when the market collapsed but from April to July it was a tough time for me because oil was going up non-stop, and currencies were holding value with commodities. The market was not falling between March and July but you all remember what happened after July 2008. 

Request – Please wait till October 2017, let see what happens, and when the time comes I will be ready for all your criticism. I am shocked to have received over 1000 emails in just a week. I don’t reply to any emails, but I do try to read each and every one. As stated above, please title the email “From Member/ From Subscriber” in the subject of the email, and I will personally go through your email, and try to answer all questions in next week’s weekly letter.

Please subscribe to weekly letter if you wish to read complete letter with all different market predictions…..

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma

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