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Metal and oil traded as they are at crucial major support level of $44.55 and $1225, next move could be disaster but....

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Metals are trading in bear market as predicted from $1275, this week important support predicted $1225 to $1195 so watch these levels closely. Don’t buy any positions this week but short term traders can cover shorts around these levels. Wait for Monday’s weekly newsletter for next strategy in gold, silver and base metals. DUST and JDST gained 50% in the last 10 days from lows. Hold positions in both these etfs or short term traders can book some profit.

Our view was very bearish for oil, our target on lower side was $44.55 which shall achieve today or tomorrow. Wait for next week’s weekly newsletter for future strategy.   

Most other commodities like grains and softs trading mix to negative, stay sideline.

Currencies trading as predicted, higher side in USD limited, and can turn bearish if it start trading below 98.50.

Most of global markets are trading as predicted, watch 2388 and 2405 level on higher side for S&P. Life time trading opportunity is coming in European and rest of global market, get ready to sell aggressive positions in market. Next week newsletter is very crucial, I am sure you must be waiting for that. Fall in market could 15 to 23% in coming time. It is life time opportunity of for traders to make money, have some patience.  

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Thursday 11.30 AM Santa Barbara