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Alert - Oil $27.71 and S&P 1821 will hold - Have patience and you won't regret...our book is released on 18 Jan 2016

Here detail alert Wednesday - Max 24 hours


Dear Members,

I just got up after a long period of meditation and decided to write this update. Even though it must be very hard for everyone to take our note seriously because the markets are falling nonstop without any break but we have to write because it is our job to write our view:

Two things to be noted:

1.      The market’s negative cycle is ending on 21 January 2016 which is tomorrow. Many of you must have read my book, and if you did you must have seen that we recommended buying the market at the end of the second cycle. This is the second cycle mentioned in our book.

Second Cycle:  

From the 11th of January to 21st of January 2016 - During this time cycle, the market will remain directionless but buying will keep coming on the lower side, and if I am right in my reading of the astro cycle then the market may form a great solid bottom. Any sharp correction during this period should be taken as a buying opportunity. The overall sentiments in all the major markets will remain mixed to a bit negative. We do strongly recommend taking aggressive positions during the last 63 hours of this cycle, or before the 20th of January, because on the 20th of January Mercury will rise in the east which is a positive astro move for the market.

2.      Our lower side mentioned targets for this year have just been achieved. We don’t see S&P remaining below 1821 (this is the spot level for S&P mentioned in our book) for more than 24 or 48 hours. In fact, below 1862 is still a great buying level for those who are taking positions for the next one month. We don’t see the market remaining below 1862 for more than three days.

Currently the spot S&P is around 1815, which is 6 points below our range. The market is crashing lower without stopping and surely many are worried with this sudden fall which came out of nowhere. The market is making a low of 2016 in the first three weeks of January and we still have a whole year (Which is not negative at all) pending so those who can afford to buy the market at current levels should do it without even thinking twice.

During a volatile period, anything is possible but the good news is that 70% of the volatility will end on the 21st of January and the remaining volatility will end on the 26th of January.

Avoid metals, specially gold at this stage, our target of $1107.90 have achieved and sharp fall may occur in the next week. Oil has also achieved our lower target today of $27.71.

Those who have deep pockets can add some more positions, and those who want to add some call options can do so here. In April we still see the USA market moving towards an all-time high.

Let’s see if the market and oil forms bottom or not today! The Astro indicators are saying that S&P won’t close below 1821, and oil $27.71.

Investors have to be patience

In 2004 we predicted that $400 would become history for Gold. A few days after making that prediction gold dropped below $400 and many started doubting what we said and said that gold going back to $300, but we maintained our target of $1600 to $1800.

In 2008, we mentioned that oil would move towards $30.00 not $145.00 when I was trading at $132.00. When oil moved to $147 the same thing happened; many started telling me that, “Mahendra, oil is going towards $200 so you should stop predicting about oil and where it is going to move.”

In 2008 February we called that the market had bottomed out. In 2011 we predicted a historic bull market for USA but once again many were not buying these predictions. You may forward this email.

I have repeatedly proven time and time again that the Astro cycles are the most powerful tool that help us predict where the market is going to move.

The cost of the book comes to less than a $1.00 a day. I would like to emphasize that this is not a story book or a novel. This book will show you the future of the financial markets. This book does not deal with what should or could happen, but with what will happen!  

I would like to end by saying that I will highly appreciate it if you can play a small role in introducing the “2016 Financial Predictions” to the world.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 20 January 2016 9.30 AM Santa Barbara