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XI health issue and first woman President for USA? Fridays small part of daily flashnews for markets, metals, energy, currencies, grains, softs, & bond...

Friday’s Daily Flashnews

The US Markets remain closed on Thursday and Friday. Job reports will dominate the market, commodities, Bonds, and currency trends…


On Thursday, the USA market remained closed, but the rest of the global market remained green. In my dream, I saw that XI was not well, and some changes in US politics were happening. The dream was weird, as someone told me Xi had been slowly given poison, and key people in the USA were planning to bring Kamala as the “First Woman” President.

I believe in the Astro cycle, not in a dream, but I always write down my dreams and watch to see whether they have any significant message.

Friday will be the job report, and everyone will be watching the job number closely. The Fed wants unemployment to go higher so it can make rate-cut decisions. I don’t know whether that is the right strategy or not, but I see that most companies are struggling apart from the Tech sectors.

I still believe three rate cuts will occur in the second half of 2024, so get ready for that. I still believe that the Fed will announce the cut at the next Fed meeting, and the chances of it happening are 60 to 65%; from the next meeting right now, three rate cuts will happen, but they will be small once.

Cryptocurrencies are falling, and Bitcoin can test the $52111 level, so stay away from buying. Metals can take crypto's place for the short term, as predicted, so metals are a great buy right now.

This could be the final Job report, which may show signs of a mixed report, but after this, the unemployment rate will rise sharply. Friday could bring hue movements in metals and markets.

I will be watching metals and market trends closely on Friday, and it looks like Monday's weekly letter will be interesting.

Our previous forecasts identified significant S&P levels (5500 and 5775) and a NASDAQ level (21111). We also projected that the S&P will reach 12500 and the NASDAQ will hit 45000 by 2029. These predictions underscore the importance of planning your long-term strategies accordingly.

Important Mantra: Don’t trade with your emotions, don’t love or hate anything in the market as you are here to make money and protect your capital, and the Astro cycles are great tools that can help you decide where the new wave is coming from.

·       This is what we mentioned on the 26th of October 2023: The Astro combinations will turn extremely positive on Monday, the 30th of October, before the USA market opens or on the 4th of November. This is excellent news for investors as we expect a dark cloud to clear from Jupiter, which is currently ruling the market trends. One of the biggest Airavath (bullish) trends will start from 30 Oct or 4th Nov 2023.

·       Our astro cycle provided a perfect bottom for the market position in October 2022, when the S&P was 3495 and the Nasdaq was 10555.

·       On 22 March 2020, the astro cycle provided an exact bottom for the S&P at 2293 and NASDAQ at 6795.

·       Early this year, I was in India and provided an interview to Zee Business TV. You can change the language to English subtitles or any other language for the interview in Hindi.

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Mahendra Sharma