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Will S&P move toward $1818 and gold $777 level? We will be in India from next week ..


 Read “2017 Financial Predictions” book carefully: S&P can test 1812 or 1717, and gold still can move toward $777 or lower

We are increasing book price from $395 to $795


Dear Members,

I just finish reading my own book the, “2017 Financial Predictions” one more time. I always go and re-read all my books sometime after they have been released to see how the predictions were unfolding. When I read the “2017 Financial Predictions”, I felt ecstatic and yet at the same time I was surprised to see the way the book had turned out. This always happens in my review of the book because when I am writing the book, my focus is on what I see in astro cycles, and I do not really give much thought to what’s going around me and what is happening in the world at that time.

Every one of my books has provided many unique predictions and guided investors, but the 2017 book looks like it could be the most mind-boggling one because if what I predicted in the book comes true, the people that are in those trades will do amazingly well.

Jessi Livermore made a fortune in 1929 by playing bear. His account value increased from nothing to $100 million in few months, in today’s value $1.38 billion. George Soros made over a billion in the Pound trade in 1992. Many other smart traders have made fortunes by catching the right trend at the right time. This year there are a few such trades that have the potential to make a great amount of money if you can catch them at the right time.

In 2008 we predicted the crash in oil prices. One of our members made around $280 million in that trade, but at the same time hardly anyone made money in my prediction of the “Crash in the Housing and Stock Market in 2008”, because most of the people reading that prediction didn’t believe in it even though they were subscriber of work.

After watching my work over decades, my members have confirmed that they have made a good amount of money during the 2011 to 2016 bull market cycle. It is difficult to win the trust of others with what you do as people will always remain skeptical about unknown theories.

Small note - S&P won't cross 2405 and Gold $1263 as predicted two weeks back. Ignore noise after FED meeting, as some aggressive move will be brought by traders in market, currencies, and commodities which will make you nervous. If you focusing too much on day to day then you may not able to make money on big move so remain calm and keep focusing on your trade as mentioned in book. By the end of this year I would liek to hear from you; Mahendra thank you for forcing us to buy "2017 Financial Predictions". Your goal shall be to make money by the end of this year not this week, next week or next month, and I am 100% sure this book will help you planning great trades of 2017. There is some reason I am increasing price of this book. 

The Markets and Commodities are in a danger zone, but carefully read what is mentioned in the monthly cycles in the book, as that will guide you to the right trades on particular dates before any major move comes in the market.

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President Trump is ready to announce Tax cut and repatriations of money from foreign country which could be big positive impact on market sentiment but I believe that everything will remain short term and market will start falling without any reason from predicted dates in our book “2017 Financial Predictions”.

This year so far emerging market currencies move (Rupee and Peso) done well, base metals started trading lower and oil struggling as expected, dollar remain around higher side but not breaking higher side at this stage. Aggressive move is on the way in currencies, Indexes, and commodities so follow our book closely.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma