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Why Tuesday is very impotant day for commodities, currencies and stock daily trend in this week newsletter..

Dear Members,


Today I am not able to write the newsletter in detail as it is my ninth day of water fasting. I am therefore going to forward you some of the updates in the course of the week.


What we have been saying for the previous two weeks concerning the stock and commodity markets was finally proved right on Thursday and Friday last week. My warning and request still remains intact, and there’s therefore no need to risk your money in any buying position in the current market. Those who have taken a short position should hold the position and always remember to partly book profit. Meanwhile, my dollar prediction is struggling and I am sure that it is overdue - I will be very satisfied once the prediction is fulfilled, with all currencies losing 30 to 40 percent against the dollar in the longer term from current levels.


Letter from 22 to 26 Oct 2007



This week gold and silver will trade with huge volatility. One should buy gold and silver on Tuesday if they decline, for they are poised to thereafter rise rather sharply in the last 90 minutes of New York trading. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, gold will trade in a mixed trend or have a correction from the day’s high. On Thursday gold and silver will trade positively.


I do not recommend any buying to carry forward from next week for the short and medium term, therefore take a short term trading opportunity....