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Why in 2018 we predicted betting on Elon Musk and TSLA, same time we predicted ELON to become world richest man… this is amazing prediction, and all thanks goes to astro cycle theory…

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Why on 18 July 2018 we predicted that ELON Musk to become richest man. TSLA prediction and recommendations in buying TSLA stocks and call options made millions and billions to those who made investment on our recommendations, you can read fast predictions on our website or LinkedIn...Here is article:

You can view all post regarding TSLA and Elon Musk on also our LinkedIn page:

Most of our recommended stocks in the last 10 years done amazingly well, created mind-boggling wealth for follower and subscriber, our last ten years favorite stocks are: TSLA, MSFT, MA, V, AMD, TNDM, APPLE, SHOP, MELI, DXCM, HZNP, CRWD, PYPL, SQ, AMZN, VEEV and hundred of many other stocks. In 2020 we recommended buying aggressive long in MRNA and BNTX AT $50.00 with target of $400 and both achieved.

Our view is extremely bullish for EV since 2018, keep adding clean energy, lithium, battery, and EV related stocks for the next five years.

Two best predictions under most difficult situations: On 26 Feb 2009 we predicted market to bottom out on 5th March 2009 and S&P to move from 675 to 3800 in nonstop rally, second best predictions made was on 22 March 2020, S&P to bottom out at 2200 level and December 2021 it would test 4800.

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