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Why I am so bullish on long term outlook for USA and USD. Why Eurozone will collapse..

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USA will  acquire 90% world assets in the next 15 years

This week I would like to present both the monthly newsletter for October as well as the weekly newsletter. Before that, I wish to highlight some important points in Ben Barnanke’s Astro chart for as you are aware, I occasionally read charts of well known personalities and predict openly about them. For instance:


1. Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi – After reading his chart and warned that he should be very careful in the month of May during elections. He was assassinated in May of that year by a woman during one of his rallies. (Published in Gujrati Abhishek magazine).


2. Princes Diana – In 1991/92 foresaw separation and tension in her marriage life and her eventual accidental death. (Standard newspaper in Kenya)


3. Bill Clinton – Predicted wins for the two terms as well as scandal in the second term, which would eventually bring him down. The scandal came but he survived, and I was therefore partly wrong in this regard. (Published in Standard and Nation newspapers in Kenya)


4. Saddam Hussein –  Said that the USA would fail if it failed to remove him by 18 March 2004, and we all know that the USA attacked on 17 March. (2004 World and Financial Prophecies – which sold out and which I never reprinted)


5. Arnold Schwarzenegger winning as governor of California. 


I have read charts of many other well known persons, but I cannot mention the names of such individuals, countries or institutions.


The decision to read Mr. Ben Barnanke’s chart is my own, as he is an important person on who a lot depends and where he takes the USA and world economy. The question is whether the USA will survive economically or the entire financial system will collapse due to misjudgment. My belief is that the future of a young child rests in the hands of the parents; at least until he is mature. In the same way, the future of any country also lies in the hands of its leaders. It takes only one crazy person in power to ruin the country and for the rest of the world. This is what happens with individuals like Hitler, Idi Amin and lately Mr. Mugabe of Zimbabwe; it is inexplicable why he still wants to rule Zimbabwe when he has brought the economy of that country to its knees. More baffling is the inaction and seeming inability to act from his people and the international community. There is no bread, milk or oil in the country; inflation is around 8100%; the currency rate has collapsed in the last ten years from 1-10 to 1-300 million currently (now they remove two zeros). Anyway, the point I want to make is how important political leaders, heads of religion or policy makers are since they hold the future of entire countries in their hands, and their mistakes could ruin the lives of millions.


Let’s come to Barnanke’s chart:   


His chart indicates that he will make fewer errors and that the Fed will make the right decisions under his chairmanship. He is a person of Jupiter, whose nature is calmness, and that is his strength. A combination of Mars and Saturn in his chart will also enable him make bold decisions without worry as to what others may think. People will know him well after a few years and may call him “shocker man”. I do not see the USA economy going down under his chairmanship, but in the next seven months he may make some errors which could be very painful and see him widely criticized during this period. He should therefore be very careful about important decisions because they could heavily cost the world economy. His bad period started from May this year and will end on 18th May 2008, and I believe that decisions he made in September were wrong moves; maybe to save some institutions or probably due to uncertainty about what to do.


If the USA economy survives to 18th May 2008, then I do not see any recession. What is clear is that people will not have clarity about what is happening in the USA economy till mid May 2008. There will be a lot of discussion and arguments about inflation, recession and generally about the health and state of the economy. In my view, the housing uncertainty will persist in the USA till May 2008 and no one will be able to rectify this problem. Indeed, the only time will fix this problem after May 2008.


Anyone saying that the housing problem will pass within a few months or advising people to buy houses at current prices is making a big mistake. I therefore advise waiting till May 2008 to allow the problem to dissipate before making any decisions.


Barnanke’s chart will be in negative influence under the north node, therefore his time will be bad till May 2008. He will thereafter do a great job for the next 15 years and the USA economy will boom under his guidance, and my dream prediction of the DOW reaching 45,000 will be fulfilled. After reading his chart I can say that the US dollar will become the most powerful currency in the world in the next 15 years, therefore be careful before you make any decision against the dollar at this stage. I know what I will be doing for the next 15 years and I can tell you today that a few millions worth of the right investments can be turned into billions because it will be a most unique time. I wish Barnanke good luck and I am very happy that he is the FED chairman; he is has a lucky charm though his chart is unfortunately currently not in a great cycle till May 2008. We therefore pray that the next eight months pass quickly so that we enter into the most unique era. Wherever you stay, I very strongly recommend that you hold your assets in USD.


Today I feel very happy and positive about my predictions of the dollar’s rise though I have been wrong for sometime in this regard, and my vision, prophecy and astrology says that I am on the right track and future generations will remember this prediction, with the dollar rising against all major currencies beyond imagination. May be that is why my soul and mind are always forcing me to write about this for the last one year. I agree that short term traders have lost money buying the dollar, therefore please trade with the very low leverage and accumulate the dollar and you will remember me after one year. In 10 years you will recall and understand my repeated calls for buying the dollar.



Today people are talking about how different countries are acquiring USA assets. In 15 years however, I see 90% of the world’s assets and companies owned by the USA. As you know, I don’t write in love or hatred, but what I see, and my long term predictions always come very close or are very accurate. For instance:


In 1987 and 1991 I talked about India becoming a third super power; the boom in technology; in 2000 the new era for gold and oil; and at the same time gave weak dollar predictions. As you know, my long term view on alternative energy is very positive, and of course the great rise of the dollar as well as a major bull market of USA stocks, which is on the way.


Here is the monthly and weekly outlook on the world financial market:



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Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra, 30 September 2007

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