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Why Air element is one of the important once...part from this weeks weekly newsletter...

Dear Members,

I always like to talk about life and nature in our financial letters. A small part of this week’s weekly newsletter is here, I am sure you will love it.

Last week, I went to a relative’s funeral. He was 86 when he departed. I observed and encountered a lot of dead bodies and realized that until we are alive, people give importance to us. Once we die, all family members get together and get ready to dispose of our bodies in the good term “funeral” as per all different religious beliefs. 

It means the body has no meaning. What is important is aliveness. It means that whatever was operating or keeping us alive goes away from our body, and the physical body doesn’t have any meaning or value. 

The name of that aliveness is called the Soul. We all believe that five elements play a key role in keeping us alive, but out of the five elements, I always believed Air was one of the most important ones because it literally keeps us alive. If you ask me, there are not only five elements; there are countless elements. However, Air is the only one that keeps everything alive, like plants, animals, insects, humans, and basically anything with a life cycle. Many might say water is the most essential building block of life and thus the most important element, but according to evolutionary biology and geography, the atmosphere gave rise to water as a compound. Air gave birth to water. The earth— millions of years ago— was a flaming ball of fire: pure oxygen and a little carbon. The planet cooled down and developed an atmosphere, which made the planet viable to inhabit new life forms. Air gave birth to water cycles and created the oceans and clouds we take for granted today. Truly, Air is the king of all elements, even from a scientific standpoint. 

In my deep and conscious belief, the whole pocket of Air is a big soul which keeps us alive. As per science, as soon as a child is born, the baby cries. However, it is not a cry, it is officially the first breath the baby takes on on its own and becomes a part of nature. For 9 months, the baby was a part of its mother through the umbilical cord, which takes care of providing oxygen and nutrients to the baby. 

Without Air, we die. The whole system shuts down and we dispose of the body. The soul gives us an identity; the body is just a physical form and it remains alive until it is connected to Air. Once the soul departs from the body and goes back to the environment in nature, it becomes 100% Air or what I call as a bigger soul. 

I always talk about Mercury’s intellect and Jupiter’s wisdom, saying that they can tell us what is right or wrong. The Moon is emotion and Sun is the soul. The soul is the light or life that keeps us alive. Everything becomes a journey from the day we are born till the last day of life. 

Knowing the soul and who it is, is a difficult task, but surely you can get a feeling of who you are with one tool: meditation. Without it, you can’t feel, touch, or understand your deeper light within. 

Over the last four decades, I have been telling my close friends and readers to meditate every single day. Without mediation, our journey is incomplete. The success of life is not money, it is how one knows himself/herself. The day one can feel and know the existence of the soul, humans will be complete, and we can call them God (it is the term, or other world supper human). 

Spirituality is nothing to do with religion because religion is made by humans, it is just a way of life.

My Jupiter cycle is starting. I would love to keep talking about these subjects if nature allows me. Surely, money is also an important part of life because, in the current society and system, we can do great things with money by helping people or the needy. 

I will try my best to guide you in the financial market so you can make money and do great things for society, but at the same time, I would like you all to focus on mediation and understanding yourself,

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma