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Whether to short or long aggressive; Tuesday update for markets, oil, metals, currencies and earning stocks...

Dear Members,

On Monday globally markets moved sharply higher as predicted in weekly newsletter and Daily Flashnews. On Tuesday also we recommended buying positions around the lower side in most markets.

In our daily letter we advised our members to remain sideline by not buying energy markets, but we strongly recommended in letter to buy positions in oil below $10.00 or buy on Wednesday in European trading sessions. So far oil is trading negative as predicted so get ready on Wednesday to take long positions for the short term as mentioned in the daily and weekly newsletter. There are possibility that higher side levels mentioned for this week in most of markets will achieve. 

We recommended selling metals on Monday and Tuesday around the higher side for short-term trading, so far metals are trading as predicted.

Tech stocks like FFIV, NXPI moved higher on Monday after earnings. On Tuesday our recommendations to buy following stocks for earnings announcement which will take place after market close so one can buy stocks or in money call options in following stocks: MASI, DXCM, LSCC, AMD and many other stocks…follow our daily stock report to trade on earnings.

Tuesday is a mix day for opening hours in the market will still gain value so lower side still buying is recommended. Buying in recommended stocks shall be your strategy, DGX, DXCM, TDOC and many of hundreds of our favorite stocks moved aggressively higher, many are in fact trading toward all-time high. Our theory perfectly chose healthcare, biotech, and pharma stocks, also we recommended diagnostic stocks, so DGX was our pick along (it moved in the last two weeks $79.00) with LH (LH moved higher from $112). Every large and mid-cap stocks were great picks and I am happy that I was able to find great stocks for investors.

Follow daily ranges to trade in and out in metals, energy, Indexes, currencies, grains and softs. 90% time our predicted daily ranges will match with actual market ranges so short term traders can earn great amount of money if they trade day trading, and our strategy will provide you when to take trade and when to book profit.

Next two weeks are very important for markets, you can subscribe to our letter even for a week as we started that service on request of many.

Yesterday what we stated in “New & update sections”: Also remember that we are currently running into the third cycle of 2020 as mentioned in the book, the third cycle started from 23rd March 2020.

Let’s talk about book third cycle, here what we mentioned in “2020 Financial Prophecies”.

Third Cycle: From the 23rd of March to the 5th of May

During the first seven days of this period there will be volatility, but on any sharp correction between the 23rd of March to the 31st of March, one can buy some positions in indexes or stocks on weaknesses. During the month of April, the stock market will move higher once again.

During this period, we see biotech stocks rallying in a big way, along with mining and commodity stocks. By the end of this cycle, I strongly recommend booking profits if the stocks rally well as the next cycle is negative.

Stay long in recommended Coronavirus stocks like INO, GILD, REGN, VIR, MRNA, NVAX, NNVC, DYAI, ESB, and ZLAB.

Many great American companies will announce earnings this week so stay long in our favorite stocks. DXCM, REGN, HUM and many other are our favorite bet on earnings this week, if you are interested in stock earnings then follow our daily stock report.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Monday 11.36 PM PST Time