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Today's Trade & News

Weekly and daily flashnews provided great buying in gold silver on Tuesday, 19th Jan is important day for market...

Dear Members,

19th January is today, volatile time is ending today for global markets but still waiting for mega move, so far book predictions worked very well. S&P and NASDAQ are holding 4555 and 15011 our predicted lower side levels, these are buying levels but still today is uncertain day. Wait for Thursday Daily Flashnews   

On Tuesday buying was our call in metals and metals performed very well. In this week's weekly newsletter and daily flashnews we recommended buying gold, silver and copper from Tuesday. Great move started in silver, and this is just the starting point. Wait for the correct cycle to take aggressive long as our target for silver is beyond anyone's imaginations. Watch short term higher side level $1852 and $24.75. 

Coffee and cotton performed very well as predicted, they are looks great.

Dollar was buying calls on Tuesday and for Wednesday we recommended selling the dollar as weakness starting back.

Oil will be a great sell during this week, and Gas will be a great buy on late Wednesday and Thursday.

From Thursday launching book prices will end, and from tomorrow book prices will increase from $786 to $991.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma