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Wednesday's trend for metals, oil, market, IRAN/USA...we are keep individual book sections price unchanged...

Dear Members,

Market traded mix on Tuesday, on Wednesday in after hours market started trading sharply negative on news of Iran launched Rocket which hits Iraq where US troops are based. This news pushed USA Indexes sharply lower and gold sharply higher. 

Before I write further about Wednesday, I would like to clarify that in our book “2020 Financial prophecies” in first current cycle we mentioned gold moving higher and outperforming rest of metals. Two important levels are there for gold to achieve, first one $1655 is most important astro resistance level for gold before it test $1755.

We also mentioned in the book that middle east tension (USA/IRAN) will be on pick till 14 January 2020 (remain cautious until 14th Jan in metals and markets because anything can happen) and after that things will settle down so keep this in mind before you take any trade for the medium term.

We also recommended stay sideline in equity market until 14 January 2020 if you are short term traders because there could be volatility with uncertain trend in USA market but watch most important astro support level of 3189 as this is buying level with tight stop-loss.

Lets talk about Wednesday:

Metals already started trading higher on news of rocket hitting where USA troops are. It is clear that gold may see first $1655 to $1755. And also watch higher side level as mentioned in the book. Wednesday’s astro combinations recommend to close long on higher side level mentioned in flashnews ($1611) but don't short gold due to overall astro trend for medium term is bullish for gold so expect downside very limited. Some profit booking may come again higher side on Wednesday, but in our weekly newsletter we mentioned buying some more positions on Friday as next week gold could move sharply higher. Short term crucial astro resistance is $1611, $18.95 and platinum $988 so close long around these levels in precious metals if you are short term trader. (read complete complimentary Wednesday Daily Flashnews here below)

As mentioned in weekly letter that markets will trade uncertain on Wednesday, so stay sideline without buying any new positions. Watch 3189 level closely as it is important astro support and lower side level for this week.

Oil may test $65.88 level on higher sides, book profit or close long around this level but don't short until situations get clear. 

Coffee held $119 level, so this will be buying level. Close long in sugar and cotton on Wednesday. Trade in and out in grains on Wednesday.

Dollar made gain on Tuesday against frontline currencies like Euro, Pound and Franc as expected, but emerging market currencies may turn in opposite directions so buy positions in Brazilian Real and Rupee on Wednesday. Avoid buying in Franc, Euro and Pound.

Must read metal and Indexes sections in book very carefully, it is eye opening as well as hard to believe that how we predicted current happening in advance in middle-east, metals, oil and markets.  Those who are first time buyer of our book, couldn’t believe that someone can write book like this and predict every month trend in advance.  

Must follow every cycle mentioned in the book very carefully, you will be amazed what we mentioned in book in the first cycle for metals, oil and markets.

For daily trading follow Daily Flashnews and Weekly letter. 

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Tuesday, 3.30 PM Santa Barbara