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Wednesday's update for metals, energy, Index and currencies...Grains and coffee moving higher...

Wednesday Daily Flash news (Unedited report)

Grains started moving higher along with coffee, stay long in metals and markets…once again USD at crucial level…

Dear Members,   

On Tuesday most of global markets moved higher, S&P achieved another predicted level of 3447. One of member said today that, if he saw not following our weekly letter then he might went too aggressive short positions in market looking at world situations after Corona. He was thanking big way that he didn’t short markets and stocks because of our predictions and he save losing fortune.

We can only portrait picture of future regardless what is happening currently in world and that may be only reason people are keep subscribing services around two decades.

Metals traded negative which is again big surprised for us because metals completely ignored short term positive astro cycle. On Wednesday we are still recommending holding long positions in precious metals.  

Grains, coffee and energy prices moved higher, this week our view is positive for commodities and they are trading positive except precious metals but today precious metals can start coming back on path.

Dollar Index moved lower, now it is at most crucial level and we must remain very watchful.

In our book “2020 Financial Predictions” we mentioned in stock market sections, I think I was fantastic predictions guided us by astro cycle:

Sixth Cycle: From the 1st of July to the 16th of August

Once again, this will be a very bullish cycle for the market, so stock and equity prices will gradually start moving higher. I strongly recommend start buying tech, financial, and biotech stocks. Some aggressive movements will come in these sectors, and if I am not mistaken in my readings of the Astro cycles, all the major global market will hit an all-time high. This is especially true for the US and India. Europe and Japan will also move higher, and China will also trade positively.

This is a fantastic cycle to make a great amount of money in tech and biotech stocks. Mining stocks will also gain handsome value during this period, so buy mining ETF’s like NUGT of JNUG. You can also by tech and biotech ETF’s like SOXY and LABU.

Metals: On Wednesday we are strongly recommend buying metals, we strongly recommend staying in metals, mining etfs and metals etfs.

Energy: Oil prices gained value as predicted, oil may test $43.78 level today on higher sides, and may move twoard $45.88. Gas prices have moved 38% higher in the last one month, time to book profit around $2.62 level.

Currencies: Dollar index is trading around 92.81 level, remain watch but soon Dollar will rebound, at this stage follow our daily flashnews to take day trading positions.

Indexes: Globally markets are moving as predicted, S&P achieved our target of 3447 and next target is of this week is 3478 as mentioned in weekly newsletter will get achieve this week.

Buy OKTA on earning, shall move 15% higher.

Buy FMCC and FNMA.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma