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Today's Trade & News

Wednesday morning in Asia we recommed buying in gold, silver and keep selling in copper and commodity currencies..

Hi Friends,
I will be speaking at 5th India International gold conventions in Mumbai on Sunday and same day I will be leaving for Europe and then USA.
Dear Members,
Today one can cover their short positions in all major commodities as we expect there to be a rebound from the current level (gold at $786, silver $10.62 and oil at $92.80). On other hand, I still see weakness in copper, platinum. Gold and silver will bottom out today with oil. Medium term planetary view is still not that encouraging so just cover your short positions and those who like to buy gold and silver for the short period only (may be 24 hour to 36 hours only).
Grain, metals, energy and soft commodities are still in a volatile market for medium term but we will buy them once the planetary movement gives 100% strong and safe signal. Until then we will just do short term trading and my weekly newsletter as well as newflash will guide you.
Dollar is doing well and we will witness a sideways or weak trend in dollar for the next three trading sessions BUT LONG TERM BULL MARKET STORY IS INTACT. Our members made good money in their long positions in Japanese Yen and dollar against all the other currencies. We will get out from the Japanese Yen long position.
One can cover short positions in gold and silver stocks. Buy JASO, SOLF, USU. HL, GMO, ESLR, LDK, HOKU, XSNX.
On 16th July when I was on CNBC, a fall was predicted in oil and it was said that it would go down from $145; gold would go down from $970 and silver from $18.90. No one wanted to agree with this prediction because we were calling sharp corrections of more than 40% in oil and 30% in metals. We were very negative on emerging markets and they traded as predcited. Once again, the wave of nature theory has proven itself and has now become hard to ignore. We also mentioned in March:
We were very negative on emerging markets and still be beleive that they will fall more. USA market will botton out by 21 September 2008.
Here are two links from my current book "2008-09 World & Financial prophecies":
Real-estate market in 2008-09:
Fall of Europe:
Here is 4th September 2008, radio interview with Rich Roffman of Florida. I am calling Dow to bottom out on 21st September.
Also you can hear what I predicted on 13 June 2008 for commodities and dollar. Just pass halfway upto 561 point on interview. This interview was very important one to understand why coming cycle for dollar will be important one. Here I predicted fall of oil, metals and grains, also I were very positive on US Dollar.
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Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Wednesday 10.00 am India time