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We expected strong rebound in metals from late Wednesday. Oil, grains, softs, currencies and markets are trading as is small part of this most important weekly newsletter...

Dear Members,

This week so far markets, metals, energy, currencies and other commodities performed as predicted.

On Wednesday, we recommended buying metals around lower sides, we recommended buying gold at $1762 and silver $23.31 which proven very right. Thursday looks positive days for metals and add more positions on weakness.

This week selling is oil recommended at $84.88 with target of $78.88 to $77.27 which shall achieve soon.

S&P and NASDAQ achieved our target and they are ready to achieved our 2021 levels in the next six weeks so stay long and keep adding call options. Time to take small long in YINN, avoid other emerging market but stay long in European markets.

Dollar index still sell recommended at 94.48 level with one percent from Thursdays high so keep this in mind.

Cotton and coffee have been performing well, cotton have been our favorite trade since last six weeks and it has been doing well, soon it will move more 10% higher.

Grains are coming close to our buying level so wait for that. Our many recommended stocks performed very well, stay long in DXCM, O, LSCC, IRTC, AEHR, LIACF, PLUG and add more aggressive long in AMZN, NVDA and AMD for the short term.

I would like to publish small part of this week’s weekly newsletter here for every. There are many important points here so go through carefully. Our weekly newsletter is best rate among Wall-Street and global investors community. All thanks go to wave of nature and astro cycle theory.

Here is weekly newsletter from 1-5 November 2021:

Weekly Newsletter from 1 to 5 Oct     

Markets are ready to make new high and commodities to struggle…


Dear Members,   

Picture 1The world to become normal place from April 2022 onwards. Most of the borders will be open and world affaires will start working in a normal way. The Financial market performed very well during the pandemic and investors who remained invested created a great amount of wealth for themselves.

There is a reason writing todays newsletter and I recommend that you take the time to go through it thoroughly because those who missed the great making opportunity still have some time left to make money in the market before everything turns gloomy. 

I am always in search of areas where my members will make money, and I put out my future vision to them. I don’t know how you plan your trades on our recommendations, but surely whatever you have been doing must have provided great returns. My core theme is to invest for the medium to longer term which has always provided great returns over the last 25 years.

Short term bets and short-term thinking doesn’t help you create wealth. I always receive emails from many members, and I see that many still get carried away by the short-term events and they get out of their great investments. Last week I received an email from one of my members saying, “Mahendra, I invested a great amount of money in AMD on your recommendation at $7.30 with your target being $100, and I wish I could have held that investment.” He said he closed out positions once it tested $18.00. The same member placed bets on TSLA on our recommendations but closed his longs very soon after making some profit. This story might be striking a chord with many of you, with hundreds of stocks from NVDA, MA, V, HZNP, NFLX, BAC, AMZN, APPLE and list goes on.

Most of members have been subscribing to our services for over one to two decades so they have walked alongside us on this journey, and they are aware what we recommended for over two decades. The most important part of our advice is that our predictions remained with the wave of nature until that wave was about to end. We recommended buying internet stocks in 1996 and closing longs was recommended in December 1999. Again, buying in market was recommended in 2002 and recommended closing in 2007 and early 2008. We were able to pick the top in both these cycles.

Now we are in this third cycle, we recommended buying in March 2009, and we still haven’t called a top in the market. We have been recommending buying stocks on every dip for the last 12 years, and we are still recommending buying on every dip as the euphoric and bubble era is still pending. Many analysts also recommended buying in these stocks, but they are never able to provide a clear picture of how high this market or these stocks could go. When we were recommending buying stocks in 2009, 2010, and every year after that, we kept providing our target for the higher side, with 10 to 50 folds. Looks at our target of AMD when it was $3.50, we predicted it reaching $100, Apple, NVDA, and TSLA, and for the most of the stocks the targets that we provided were amazing.

The reason for writing this letter is, you need to plan a strategy well as per our prediction if you would like to take complete advantage of any cycle. For example, we came out with the prediction of silver hitting $50, $75, and even $150, so now you need to plan your longer-term strategy well. If you put short term leveraged bets, then you will lose out on any one sharp correction.

We are also predicting NASDAQ and S&P to almost double from here, so you need to plan strategy well. Don’t plan anything for the short term, focus on our longer term view. TSLA trade of 2018/19 could have made you millions but thinking too much about the short term and watching the news all the time changed people’s mindsets. Everything effects the mind; it is very fragile, and you need to have control over it for which you need to mediate. Can you believe that I still haven’t recommended closing longs in AMD, MSFT, NVDA, APPLE, TSLA, NFLX or AMZN.  

Whenever we recommend closing positions one should be making decisions like they did in 1999 December, 2008 March in stocks; or like closing longs in gold at $1888 and silver at $47.00 in 2011.

Focus on predictions whenever we release important ones and plan your strategy well. I haven’t seen anyone making money in market by trading for the short term or day trading. Yes, you can allocate a small amount of money for short term trading, but major money should be placed in medium to longer term bets.

Our prediction for the EV era looks very interesting, silver trades look great. Inflation era is coming but I am not that worried about it. Surely many sectors in the market will underperform, so just invest in our favorite areas. In 2018 we predicted that Elon Musk would become the world’s richest man, and investors will make millions and billions, and this prediction came true in three years.

We predicted Facebook to collapse, but the good news is that they changed the companies name which we recommended doing in 2016. Now an interesting era will start for META.

We wish happy Diwali to all our members, especially our Indian members celebrating with family.

Watch the important Support & Resistance levels for this week (1 – 5 Nov 2021):

Important note: Closing above the resistance levels for three days will be a very bullish sign and closing below these levels for three days will be bearish sign. This applies to every market mentioned below so here are the ranges.

·       Gold, Silver, Platinum, copper and Palladium came down from astro resistance level.  We still see crucial astro support for Gold will be $1762 and Silver 23.31. They won’t close below these levels for three days. The Astro resistance will be at $1818 for Gold, and Silver $24.98. Platinum’s astro resistance will be at $1068 and support at $971.

·       Copper’s, palladium Astro resistance will….

·       As predicted S&P started closing above 4537 and Nasdaq…

·       Oil’s Astro support will be $77.28 and most important Astro resistance will be at $84.87, higher side sell.

·       The new trading ranges for Natural Gas will be from $5.98 to $4.78.

·       Bond’s resistance will be 161-00, and on the lower side 154-00 is the support level.  

·       Dollar Index has an important Astro resistance at 94.48…

·       Euro, Pound, Franc, Yen, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar will have an important astro…

·       Rand 13.01, USD/Peso 19.32, USD/REAL 5.00 are crucial, and on the higher side we may see for Rand 15.98, Peso 20.78, and Real 5.58.

·       Sugar, cotton, coffee and cocoa…

·       Corn, wheat, soy, meal & soy oil will have Astro support at…


Here is this week’s weekly newsletter from 1-5 November:


Last week precious metals gained value, but they struggled to break their higher side levels...



Last week USA market performed as predicted. S&P closed above 4537 which is great news…



Last week oil prices traded mixed, it is failing to remain above $84.78 level which we are expecting top in oil so keep building sell positions in oil, heating oil and RB Gas…



Last week currencies acted as predicted. Dollar moved both side



Last week grains gained value as predicted…



Last week cotton performed very well but other softs remained in the mix directions as predicted…



Our view is still extreme bearish for Thirty year…



Last week bitcoin traded mix as predicted, but many other side small crypto moved higher. Two many people want to trade crypto which is creating big demand in small Crypto and prices has to move higher.

Squid crypto move 75000% higher in the last three days, Ethereum traded all time high but bitcoin moved in the mix trading pattern. We still see bitcoin having difficult to move above…

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma


31st October 2021, 03:00 PM, PST


Once again Happy Diwali to prosperous new Year to all our Indian followers and members.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma